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Continued Hanging With a Thrombosed Vein?

Continued Hanging With a Thrombosed Vein?

I read through the t-vein sticky and the question has been posed but not answered…

It seems I might have got a t-vein from trying to increase the weight I’m hanging because of slowed length-gains (I don’t jelq, so it’s possible that I wasn’t conditioned for an increase in weight).

Upping the weight caused me a lot of discomfort so I dropped the weight back down again, but I’ve since had a stinging sensation (similar to that of a splinter or nettle-sting). I was examining the area when I found hard veins— which it seems might be t-veins.

Right now it seems I’ve plateaued, but I’m not certain that I have, so I wanted to continue hanging until at least the end of the month so that I can see for certain whether I need to take a deconditioning break.

Is it okay to hang with a T-vein? Is it just a matter of discomfort, or is there a specific danger associated with continued hanging with a t-vein?

I want to keep on hanging and am wondering what people think

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Thrombosed penile veins are fairly rare. A thrombosed vein has a clot in it which the body is trying to absorb. Thrombosed veins are hard, red, hot and painful. I suppose you don’t have to have all of those symptoms for it to be thrombosed, but they are most often seen together. A stinging sensation might just be irritated, overstretched skin. The hard vein-like thing(s) you feel might be lymph vessels (perhaps blocked or with clotted lymph fluid). Anything that hurts should be an indication of injury or over-training. I’d suggest not hanging for a while. IF it is thrombosed, continued compression and irritation will only slow the healing. Take some time off would be my advice.

Thanks westla— it doesn’t look red but it does feel like a vein and is accompanied by stinging in the general area. The lump itself isn’t painful.

I’m thinking of visiting my doctor— I want to keep on hanging and am tempted to continue if it might not cause more complications.

I still seem to be gaining although it looks as though the gains may be slowing and I really don’t want to have to take a break unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’m very tempted to continue hanging at least until the end of the month so that I can get a better idea re. my gain rate and whether it’s slowing etc., but that would mean continuing to hang at least to the end of the month so that I have another point to plot on my graph (for an accurate assessment of my rate).

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why? it seems with a 7.88 there’s no need to rush things.

Take your time… wouldn’t it really not be fun if you had to take off a few months?

Aside from that amazing insight, I’ve got nothing more to add. :-)

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Not knowing what the injury actually is makes it difficult to say if continued hanging would be detrimental. If you think it’s not serious enough to stop, then by all means do what you feel is best. I would say to others: if you feel you’ve hurt yourself with PE, then giving yourself a break will assure you that further damage will not be done. To continue after an injury, for whatever reason, is your decision alone. It’s your penis.

I’m probably going to take a decon break. I wanted to continue my length work and have since switched to my autoextender but the more I think about it the more I think it’s a bad idea to try and keep on.

I’m going to visit my doctor to see exactly what’s going on. Hopefully then I’ll have a better idea of which options I should be looking at.

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I was in your exact same position . Getting what I thought was a thrombosed vein from hanging . I went to see the doctor & he thought it was more likely a ’ varicosed vein ’ , general inflammation of the vein . Doing a bit more reading I think it may have been a lymphocele . No matter what it was , I stopped PE & it took a couple of months to subside , still not gone completely , but about 90% good now . A forced deconditioning break I guess you could call it , & I’m starting the newbie routine again , & will probably not hang for a while yet .

I think the break would be a good idea , I can only see the problem getting worse if you keep on hanging etc , from my experience .

All the best anyway .

Mr. Fantastic, what type of hanger were you using and where on your penis are the painful veins?

If it is a congested lymph vessel, I have found that low vacuum of about 1-2 in hg with heat, followed by gentle downward massage (toward stomach) can help unclog it.

What first brought it on? Do you do vacuum hanging…that can for sure do it, regular hanging doesn’t usually, but I’m not sure, in that I really don’t do regular pumping. Pumping or clamping can also do it.

I myself am very susceptible to these, so it really limits what I can do. I had a few that lasted weeks, I think they can become permanent at some point. The above mentioned routine helped me.

Please realize that what I mentioned about isn’t PE…it’s theraPE! Its not used for gains, its for recovery,so it must be done with that in mind.

Thanks for the advice re. pumping sparkyx— I’ll give that a try :)

After closer inspection I’m not sure that it’s a vein. I think it might be a lymphocele, but I’m not able to massage it away.

I was about due for a deconditioning break but I don’t want to take one unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve been thinking about getting a vacuum hanger so that I can continue hanging from the head (avoiding the inflamed/blocked area). I’m getting stinging on the ridge of my glands on the side where the lump is however, so I’m not sure if that’s a good solution, especially since I might need a deconditioning break anyway, and so might not have to shell out for a new device.

I was using a BibHanger. I think it’s upping the weight that did it (I don’t jelq, so it might be a case of not being conditioned for the extra pressure below the hanger). The lump is on the right side about an inch to an inch and a half below the glans. It’s causing a kind of stinging sensation in the ridge of my glands and just below my glans also.

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