Constant Pubic/Ligament Pain from Snatch

Luckily I have the opportunity to train with a former Olympic weightlifter at his own gym. For the past two months I’ve really been working on correcting technical techniques on the lifts, with the snatch always being the hardest of the lifts to master. In all exercises with a triple extension, you must “explode” around the hip area, with a lower area (relatively) for clean variations and a higher area for snatch variations.

My problem is, my “snatch explode” point is right where my pubic mound is, literally right above where my penis connects to the body. This is causing very sore ligaments and has caused quite a bit of inflammation where my pubic mound is (making my NBPEL appear smaller). My two main concerns are: 1. Will my ligaments/penis deteriorate/shrink due to the strain I put on it? 2. Will this cause a reaction on the part of the ligaments to retract, thus making it harder to gain length, and perhaps shrinking my penis?

This has already affected my sex life. I cannot pound or receive very much pressure on my pubic mound without it really hurting. I’ve started padding that area with a t-shirt, but it still somewhat hurts. Can anyone give any advice?