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Possible pumping injury


Greetings everyone,

I have been practicing some PE on my own for a few months now and 3 months ago I added pumping to my workout. I have taken great care to adhere to the beginning pumpers thread here, never go over 5.5 in. Hg (even though my body seems to tolerate the pressure well) and I am only up to 2 10 minute sets with a thorough massage in between for 6-8 minutes. I will go more into why I don’t jelq later. But anyway, today right after my second pumping session, I noticed a dark purple blotch about the size of a pencil eraser, on the top of my penis, I was immediately concerned, as I never stray into the higher pressures. I alternate between milking the tube and kegels, as I have read here on Thunder’s as being a good exercise and a productive way to pass the time while in the pump. Can anyone venture an educated guess on whether I have somehow injured myself or maybe pinched the skin while milking, but I have experienced no pain during or after the session?

Not what I had planned for my first post to be, but safety first.

I appreciate any help or advice from you gentlemen. Thank you

Maybe not enough rest between pumping sessions; stress on the penis is cumulative if it doesn’t get enough recovery time. Hopefully just a superficial tiny bloodvessel in which case it will recover fairly quickly, but you need to avoid pumping or other ‘pressure’ exercises until a few days after it’s gone or it’s likely to come straight back and become a recurring problem. Stretching should be fine though.

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Even though you never go over 5.5”hg, you should not start your session by pumping directly to 5.5”hg. Start at 3 and slowly work your way up to 5.

I would take a week or so break to let that blood spot go away before pumping again.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Thank you very much, gentlemen. I appreciate the voice of experience. I will take a week off, fortunately today was my last day on before my 2 days off. I will do some light stretches and warming. Also Gprent, I have been looking at your thread on incremental pumping and am considering trying that when I make the jump to 15 minute sessions. Again, thank you for relieving the tension of a possibly serious injury and directing me in a safe direction.

Just wanted to give an update on the injury. The dark purple blotch is approximately the size of a dime and has faded slightly, also I notice quite a few small red dots, not bumps, that weren’t visible yesterday. I still have no pain with it and will continue to let my penis rest & recover for at least a week. Still not entirely sure how I did this.. I wish I knew so as not to do it again.

Probably a bruise. Milking can generate high hg levels without your noticing. Vitamin D oil can help speed up the healing.

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Thank you for the suggestion, dtwarren, I appreciate any good advice. I agree that it probably is a bruise, except I expected a certain amount of soreness that I do not have. I am also wondering if it was the milking that caused it, I admit that I get a real charge out of doing it and it helps me to stay quite hard during my sessions. I try to never exceed 8-9 in. Hg when I spike it with the milking and never hold for more than a second. Again thanks, dtwarren and everyone for your support and advice.

Just wanted to post an update and let everyone know that the spot has completely faded now, still only doing light stretches and very anxious to resume my routine again come Friday. Thanks again for all the advice and support. I love this place!

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