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Clamping or something

Clamping or something


just wanted to share my experience with clamping (and an injury that may or may not have occured due to this):

My usual mid-unit girth always was around 4.88” which is slightly subpar when it comes to statistics and has always been annoying the hell out of me ;)
So I started clamping about 1.5 weeks ago (with a properly warmed up unit == hot bath / shower) and got some impressive results.
Within one week my post-exercise mid-girth was around 5.03” (after a week of not doing anything my normal erection girth is around 4.92”.. well not so impressive, but no, no measuring errors here.. I’ve been measuring for quite some time and am getting stable results).

When I felt some kind of peasized object above (!) my left testicle I immediately ceased all PE to get the -whatever injury it may be- to heal again.
The size of the “pea” went down by roughly half in 3 days time so when I felt the urge to relieve some pressure I did so (yesterday).
Unluckily right after that the pea sized object got bigger again (much bigger than before).. Within two hours I was getting a growing pain roughly in the region of the pea.
The associated pain wandered around the whole abdomen, starting from the region of the pea.

That’s when I decided (well, was forced) to see a doctor immediately.
When he was doing a visual check via ultrasonic (luckily) no cancer or any injured arteries/veins were found (a fear that nearly got me panicking around.. You don’t wanna be where I was mentally yesterday.. Believe me ;) ).

Anyways, what he found was that the “pea” was the (as he called it) “Hydatide testis” that started hurting, because the bloodflow to it was severely harmed (seems to happen when the “pea” gets rotated for whatever reason => cutting off bloodflow => necrosis in the pea => pain).

Sounds pretty harmful, but as it seems this is just the male equivalent of the ovary which just doesn’t develop due to different hormons in male babies, thus rudimental and totally unneeded.

He prescribed me to some painkillers and went on telling me that the “pea” will cease to hurt in a few days all by itself (read: When it finally dies off).

So, you may ask now, what are you here for?

I’m figuring I’m just looking for someone in the medical community who can confirm this to me (speaking of which: Funny when did I start to believe peeps at Thunder’s Place more than medical doctors.. Oh my ;) ).

I don’t really know if this was triggered by the clamping I started (increased bloodflow => more pressure on the whole unit including balls => hyditate testis gets cut off the bloodflow temporarily), but I figure it could be one reason.

The doctor didn’t have any idea on this.


edit: Hydatide testis seems to be known as Morgagni Hydatide or Appendix testis.

Stop clamping behind the balls, it is more dangerous in my opinion. It also gives me a funny feeling I can’t describe when I do it. I don’t do anything that fucks with my balls, and I suggest you don’t either.

Yeah, don’t risk the kids.

The funny thing is I didn’t clamp behind the balls..
I was only trying to get below the bpl measuring border to avoid the baseball bat (and no sac included).

Age: Age ranges vary from infancy to adulthood with more than 80% of cases occurring in children aged 7-14 years. Mean age is 10.6 years. This condition rarely presents in adulthood (probably due to local fibrosis). Torsion of testicular appendices is the leading cause of acute scrotum in children.

Well I did some mild sac stretching until I liked the hang of my balls.. Maybe that’s how the twisting became possible since I didn’t get this torsion during my childhood.

Anyways the pain is already neglectable.. Took about two days of pain to get rid of the symptoms.

- learned yet another thing about the male body
- had some “nice” panicking since I first thought it was something cancerish => Start of a new life.. kinda :)
- got rid of the prerequisite for the torsion.. So it shouldn’t happen again.

Well let’s see how it works out.. “Almost all cases are benign” doesn’t mean I am (although somewhat unlikely).

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