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Clamping Injury--

Clamping Injury--

Sup guys, I got a little injury a couple weeks ago from clamping. I clamped too long (about 10 min) and I got a hardened vein at the base where the clamp is. Two weeks later, it’s still there but a little less hard.

I know everyone always overreacts and misdiagnosis their injuries as thrombosis…so I was wondering if any experienced clampers had this injury and how long it took to go away. I have obviously stopped PE and let it recover in these two weeks.

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Sorry, I haven’t ran into vein problems. I guess you should drink a lot of water, eat bananas, and see if you could jelq your penis to remedy the problem.

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Hmm in my opinion that was to much pressure, well every work out is dangerous if you do it carelessly! Stop PE, give you’re self some more time.

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