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Clamping injury: shooting/sharp pain during session. Now dull nagging.

Clamping injury: shooting/sharp pain during session. Now dull nagging.

Hi guys,
I have started some mild clamping last week: 2x5 mins/day with a cockring around the penis base. Apart from that I have been stretching (manual and ADS) for 2 years.

During my 5th clamping session (first 4 went OK), I felt a shooting and sharp pain all along the left side of my penis, I think it followed the big vein running there (but I am not sure). This was after 5 mins. So I stopped. 10 mins later there were a couple (10-15) of tiny red spots on my penis skin (both sides): burst capillaries I guess. Those are gone now. Didn’t see those during other sessions.

It’s now 2 days later, and I have been able to get erections, and to ejaculate (once, very carefully) so everything still works. However, I still have a nagging pain on the left side of my penis. My penis is not cold/hot/swollen/shrunk. Just that nagging pain. Not extreme.

Does anybody know what could have happened?
Will the pain go away? (I assume so…?)
Do you think my body told me I should never ever clamp again? Can I prevent this from happening?

One last thing: during the session, I had been straightening my penis horizontally to measure it, and also to the right (against its curve). All very mildly, I didn’t force it. But still… Could that have contributed?

I am a bit worried, and I would appreciate some input!!

Thanks in advance.

I’m wondering if the stretching may have caused it. Especially if you did any rotational stretching. Maybe you slightly overdid it on that one side.

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Or fulcrum stretching. Clamping right after fulcrum stretches hits your tunica quite hard. It is just some minor damage of connective tissue, I think. You can use the ADS at a very mild tension and do Kegel’s, but other than that nothing for about a week, IMHO.

I haven’t done fulcrum stretches btw. More like piss pulls. Nothing major.

It’s now post 4 days…
the nagging pain is gone mostly, but sometimes I feel a stinging pain when my penis touches my clothing (walking). But then when I properly touch it to pinpoint the pain, it’s gone. Weird. Never had anything like this before.

I haven’t done any PE since this started. I am not going to until all pain/discomfort is gone.

I’ve experienced something similar in the past from time to time to a lesser degree. My theory is that it’s a mild form of nerve damage that does seem to repair itself rather quickly. It is a warning sign though to either stop what you’re doing or use less intensity.

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Thanks. I am afraid to restart clamping…


I did take 5 days off (no pulls, no ADS, nothing). After that I slowly started again with ADS. I have clamped since (once a day 2x5 mins with a minute break in between), but I haven’t touched my penis during clamping (so no bending/taking measurements/etc). I haven’t had the pain anymore.

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