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Circumsized Members Please Help

Circumsized Members Please Help

I am circumsized. On the underside of my penis starting right at the base of the glans, and going towards the base for about 1-1.5 inches is a piece of tissue. I am not sure whether it is a blood vessel, or skin from when I was circumsized. Yesterday i did about 450-500 dry jelqs, and afterwards it was a purplish blue colour, sort of like a bruise. I am pretty sure it is just skin because it was not that painful, but because of how it looked it was scary. Do any other circumsized members have this tissue, and if so have you ever injured it?

Yes, so that is just skin from when cricumcision is performed. And I may have just damaged the skin from stretching because it was a dry jelq?

Yes, that is true.

Jelqing made mine become a bit more prominent. So right now when I do the wet jelqs, I try to avoid pushing too much from under the penis. Also I bought a scar gel, and used it. It really helped alot in healing the bruise faster.

It is just a bruise, the body will heal it naturally, just like any other bruise on the body. I am just happy it is not a blood vessel, I was worried about circulation.

If there is the possibility of having sex with that bruise, I would try to abstain from receiving oral from the lady. It may increase your chances of getting HSV1 from her mouth to your genital much easier. 50-80% of Americans have oral herpes(HSV1), and it is possible of the transmission of HSV1 from mouth to the genital.…sics/herpes.asp

Also some girls may get freaked out with some rednesses and bruises on the penis, and assume them as some form of herpes(HSV2) or some other STD like that.

It will naturally heal definetely, but I wanted it to heal faster.

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