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Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) or Prostatitis? I am faced with CPPS right now and I need ALL THE ADVICE I CAN GET!

I will try to keep this brief and to the point. After seeing some of the best urologists and specialists in the country I have been able to properly diagnose my injury. Due to all the stress I have put on my pelvic floor from kegel exercises and kegel jelqs I have caused my pelvic floor to “shut down” or to go into protection mode. I have stressed these muscles out to the point where they are tight almost all the time. This causes chronic pain, lack of blood flow, bad EQ, poor flaccid, weak urination.etc. I have been dealing with this now for 3 YEARS! It was only about a year ago that I figured out what the problem was.

My Pelvic Floor Specialist says that I need to train my body to let go of the tension and to try to work out all the stress in these areas. She has me on a bunch of different exercises that are supposed to help restore function in this area. I have had a little bit of success with this but I am interested to hear if anyone else has had this or knows anything about this disorder? I have been listening to stories in the Injury Forum for the past 2 years and I am certain that there are others on this site with the same problem as me that may not know it yet.

I am a very healthy and active 23 year old. My relationship with my GF is kind of on the rocks at the moment and it is 100% a result of me not being able to have proper sex. I NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT ASAP!!

Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!

Mods can you please put this in the Injury Forum?

Hey man.. I know your pain.. Well not exactly.. I’ve been dealing with similar symptoms for almost a year.. Except I’ve never experienced much pain, only occasional sharp twinges but thats mostly gone now.. Now I just have a weak stream, weak orgasm, weak libido..

I’ve tried Cipro for a month (don’t reccommend it), diet changes, internal massage from therapist.. So far things have improved slightly but I’m def not better..

Right now I’m investigating 2 things, hormones and other muscular issues.. I think I may have some structural issues that need to be addressed, like incerdibly tight hamstrings, pelvic tilt, weak upper back, tight abs..

I’m thinking that, for me anyway, after training martial arts intenesely for years, I’ve caused an imbalance in the msculature of my body, which maybe causing the pelvic/hip muscles to contract to stabilize, exsentially doing a job they wouldn’t normally have to do.. Which then puts them under too much stress, and they stop functioning properly.

Anyway, good luck.. It’s not an easy thing to deal with, and it seems difficult to make it go away.

Had something similar a few months back following a injury which seemed to go on forever. Got injured back in Oct 2009, eventually healed up about March 2010. Had pain just below penis head, slower urination (pain when urinating sometimes). No erections/painful. Everything was pretty much ruled out (I.e infections). Managed too see a good doc at my local clinic who was a specialist in CPPS,

Various exercises and Alpha Blockers seemed to do the trick for me.

Ask your doctor if you can be prescribed some alpha blockers - the tightness of your pelvic muscles puts pressure on the urethra which results in penile pain (Mainly at tip) these tablets help relax the muscles around the urethra/prostate.

Interesting. I don’t have CPPS (I think) but unless I’m laying down my pelvic floor muscles are always tense on rare occasions I feel a cramp in the pelvic floor muscles that is quite uncomfortable but this could be from putting so much pressure on the pudendal nerve. I’ve wondered if this is the cause of my retarded ejaculation.

What are the exercises your doc has you do?

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Hyperlite have you looked into 229233’s case?

Search “The Pigeon” it’s a yoga stretch, which involves stretching Inner legs, abs/pelvic area. The Breathing and relaxation in the most important thing though.

That’s the one I used the most


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