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Cable clamp whiteness?

Cable clamp whiteness?

I’ve been doing girth exercises while using a cable clamp (the screw kind for pipes), and I’ve been getting some really awesome workouts. I’ve been doing this for three days, and this morning I noticed that my cock is slightly lighter where I put the clamp. Is this long term? Anything I can do about it.


Assuming you’re Caucasian, the tiny capillaries in the skin are part of what gives skin its color. (Press hard on the back of your hand with a fingertip for a second, then let go. You’ll see a light spot where the finger was, but it should fill in immediately.) It’s possible that the pressure of the clamp is causing some of the capillaries in the skin under it to stay compressed or even to be clotted off because of decreased capillary blood flow when the clamp is on. Eventually new capillaries would form, or the old ones would open, but as long as you’re using the clamp you’ll probably have this effect. Skin regenerates. It shouldn’t be permanent.

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