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Burst vein

Loss of sensation

I don’t know what it is,

But I was doing a revere jelq with an OK grip and fully erect.

I think I may have pushed it too far because now that I let go the top vein doesn’t seem to fill or protrude like it was and there is less feeling (EDIT: Less stimulation) on the top of my penis.

Anyone know what this might be?

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If what you said is true, that you truly ruptured a blood vessel, then you likely have some form of edema, which will compress your dorsal nerve of the penis, which will decrease sensation. Just give it a few days and everything should be normal.

By the way, it is very rare to “burst” a vein or artery in any medical condition. Capillaries, on the other hand, can be damaged easily. If you did burst an artery or vein, you would have gross edema and your penis would look like a balloon.

Fully erect jelques? Daymn.. Those things are horrible and after your post even more so. Make sure you do your research before starting PE. I spent about a week making sure I learned everything I can to make sure I don’t do what you did. I would stop for about a week and do your homework buddy. Sounds like you are trying to get super fast results, not gonna happen.

Good look man

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OK so I have noticed a change and it’s NOT actually on the top of my penis but on the very bottom of the right side of my shaft there is a vein that looks swollen although it doesn’t hurt it just almost feels like a burning sensation. I have also noticed a lump on the attachment from my shaft to my right testicle.

Anyone have an idea as to what this may be?

I’m a little concerned now.


It’s actually swollen around both testicles and there is a big lump in between.

A burst blood vessel feels like a stinging chord. What you are describing sounds more like edema, if I had to make guesses. Post a pic or it’s too hard to make hypothesis.

There you go.
There is also some pain when I pull the skin in a certain direction, also the vain which runs down the lower right side of my shaft past my testicles is a little sensitive
(EDIT: I found the pain and it’s mostly in the near and on the right testicle).

I also wanted to add that I believe I may have ejaculated while holding the base. I’ve heard this can cause retrograde ejaculation?

EDIT: Please post photos at attachments, not links to off forum sites.

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Give it a bit of time. Stay away from PE for a bit and read up on techniques. Good luck with the injury! Diesel.

Always be cool.

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Thanks for the advice.

Any clue what this may be exactly?

Have your mom take you to a urologist.

Day 3 here,

My shaft looks absolutely fine, normal as ever.
There is no pain when urinating or blood so that’s a good thing.
The swelling in my testicles is now only really located in the left one and it does feel similar to a ‘bag of worms’

Is it possible I have a thrombosed vein or varicocele and if so what things should I avoid doing/do to recover?

(I will try to see a urologist as soon as I can)

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