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Burst vein

Burst vein

Hi everybody,

I’ve been on this forum for a long time now and in the past I’ve gained 1,5 inches already. So I don’t doubt jelqing can make the penis bigger and all..
But I’m still not satisfied with my penis, it’s 6 inches long and missile shaped (head: 4,2 inches and base: 5,2 inches). I want my dick to be longer as well as thicker.

I’ve never really stopped PE for the last 6 months now (after a long break) but I didn’t notice any gains, not even good indicators of growth like I used to have when I did make gains.

I’ll describe to you the last month and a half of these six months. Since I didn’t know if I was overtrained or not I just stopped for three weeks and went back at it after that.
I started out with 3 days a week then:
- Warm water cloth for about 3 to 4 minutes,
- Stretching in all directions for 2 to 4 minutes total (2 at the start, today just under 4)
- Jelqing: 100 to 150 strokes (100 at the start, 150 in the previous workout)

With this I still had no indicators of growth.
In my previous workout I added slow fifteen 6-count dry jelqs (really putting pressure on the head, without it hurting!) before doing the 150 wet jelqs.
And for the first time since years I had my dick hanging low again for the whole day. I loved it, that’s my indicator for growth.

Today I wanted to do the same but during the second dry jelq I noticed one vein was really thick, it was blue all around it. So I stopped!

This is what describes it best: (I found it on the net)
“After I had finished having intense sex I notice a blue sort of lump at the bottom of my penis, with purple kind of colouring. I would like to no what might have caused this and what to do about it?? Will it be alright?? It’s quiet frightening and I’ve never heard of anything like this.. John”

With the answer being:
“It sounds like and may very well be a vein burst in your penis. Yes they can burst there to, things that can happen to the rest of your body, can happen anywhere.
If it is just a burst vein, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about, it will heal on it’s own with a little time, just try to stay away from getting a lot of erections, or having sex till it heals. It should only be a week at max.”

My vein burst somewhere halfway on my shaft (actually in the skin on my shaft). Now, 45 minutes later, the swelling’s gone, it’s a big black spot, but it’s not becoming bigger, it’s only mildly painful if I touch it. (I can still get erections as well.)
Did anyone have this before? Should I see a doctor? What should I do?

Obviously I’m backing of till there’s nothing left of the black spot, but does this mean I have weak veins and that I shouldn’t put this type of pressure on my penis again?

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If it helps any.

My penis has a very veiny look and it is a blue vein that burst. If I got this correct the blue veins are the ones returning the blood to the heart, right?

The black spot hasn’t spread anymore, it’s about an inch in diameter (a little bigger actually) but it does look like there’s a little lump on my dick now.

I’m starting to panic now. I know it’s only been three hours but is there nobody who can give me solid advice on what to do? I haven’t found anything describing what I just described on this site.

I’ll apply heat to my dick now for the discoloration but I have no idea where to go from here.

Thanks for the reply.

I had read the last 2 threads already but I must have missed Torso’s reply in last thread. That one leads me to believe he’s talking about the same thing I have.

I remember having had the a black spot of about 3 mm 3 years ago but now it’s 3 cm!!

I’ve always played the careful game but even this hasn’t saved me it seems.

I hope others with the same problem will share how they went about it.

Is the black spot under the skin? If this is the case, it will go away in some days. As always, seeing a Doc can help calming you down, but I’m reasonably sure you have not done any irreparable damage to your penis.

Do a search for ‘black spots’.

Yes, the black spot is under the skin. (I am a little confused here though, the translation for “black eye” in my language is would literally mean “blue eye” in English, so I don’t know if that’s what you mean by black spot.)

When it happened I literally saw the vein bulging out and when I removed the pressure the blood went everywhere, so now I have this “black spot” of 1 inch in diameter.

I feel reassured now that it hasn’t grown anymore, the right side where it happened still has a little, though noticeable, bulge but it’s not growing anymore.

So, do I have this correct, do I have a black spot that’s rather big? I don’t think it’ll bother me anymore then. It’s ugly though :)

Since I think it’s important to know about the whole process of getting injured and healing I will inform you on what happened the last few days.

It’s been 8 days now since that vein burst. The black spot really was 1 inch (=2,5 cm, and it was more to 3cm actually) in diameter. By now I can hardly notice any discoloration myself!
I’ve applied heat to the spot every day for half an hour and it’s almost all gone, if I look closely I can still see a little bit of discoloration but nobody else would ever notice it.
The spot became lighter every day and after 5 days it was only half as big anymore. In the middle of the spot there was a lighter area, almost white, and it was harder to the touch. That spot only became visible during the second day but by now it has disappeared as well and the little, harder bulge is gone as well.
(I masturbated when I felt I needed it and I had sex when I could(—> unfortunately it didn’t happen this week.) )

My erections are harder than ever which leads me to believe that even with a minimal workout schedule, like the one I was following, I was overtraining my unit. I will start working my dick again on Tuesday. My training will have a warm up again, a little stretching, dry jelqing and ‘normal’ jelqing, since that gave me the PI’s I needed so bad. I will not overdo it though and I will not stretch as hard as I did and I will not put that much pressure on my dick while jelqing + I won’t do as many strokes as I did.

If you have any advice, I will gladly read it and apply it. But, most importantly, I want everybody who has burst a vein know not to panic.

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F@#$! Yesterday a f@#$ing vein busted under the head. I do PE for about 3 weeks now and yesterday I had the bright idea to clamp with my fingers and really squeeze the blood upwards.(while jelqing.) Next thing I know, a huge purple-black vain popped out at about 5mm outwards.Today, the blood has spread around an area of radius 1.5 cm more or less. (Circular black spot of 3-4 cm diameter on the side of my dick)

It’s not swollen any more and the pain is restricted to the center of the thing. THe only thing that worries me is that my gf is coming in two days and we haven t met for 2 months. As you can see there is no way around it. I ll have sex and let you guys know what happened. I have a very good relationship with mother nature and I sure hope she doesn t let me down this time.

Ouf! Anyway I m really disappointed with myself. I got greedy and overconfident and as a result I tremble in the mere thought of clamping again. I also realize that if a vein reacts this way once, it’s always going to be prone to swelling again. Guys let’s be careful with our dicks from now on.. Hahaha.

On top of that I f I don’t satisfy the gf my life will be hell until we meet again. Hahaha Morality is great though after reading this thread. Thanks guys

Please be careful guys. Do not break your penis.

I will email myself so I can :smack: you in person if I must!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Following the post on my injury

The injury was not a problem at all. No problem with friction issues or any blood flow when fully erected during sex. After reading some stuff around the web I realized that a busted vain heals pretty quickly. The busted part healed after one-two days ant the extra blood under the skin diffused on the penis body. Still I m much more careful with my routine now.

Anyway to the interesting part: my girl told me my dick feels bigger, woohoooooooo!! Plus I had all the confidence of the world, I even broke my sex record which was 4 times in a session.. I couldn’t be more excited, I ll continue to show love to my d@#$ and I m sure it will reward me with more success stories in the future. My palms also feel better after all this olive oil treatment every night hahaha.

So if you just busted a vein after some sort of clamping you should definitely not panic! Give it some time and “listen” to your body.
(By all means if it looks serious and it’s annoying go see a doctor or something)

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