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hey im uncut and for as long as i no i have had this bump rite under the head of my dick to the right and it doesn’t hurt at all, and it gets big when i get an errection and gets small when i get soft! can anyone tell me wat dat is? It almost looks like it cuts the side of the part that connects the head to the base!

oh yeh someone also told me somewhere it could be somekind of wart of somethin but it aint a circular shape, its like a MAAD thin oval shape! and if it is a wart will it go away?

Sorry to rap you on your second post, but read the Forum Guidelines, then try to tell us what color it is (is it flesh colored, red? what?) , how big it is when you aren’t erect and does it ever hurt you? Could be a wart, could be a flesh extuberance, could be it a lot of things.

And then if you ask “‘wat dat is den,’ I’m not answering. Someone else might.



Most people wont go through the trouble of reading all the guidelines (even though there arent that many). Just make sure you capatalize and use proper grammar.

Back to the problem: you need to be more descriptive. If its a wart it will look sort of like collyflower, and peel every once in a while. Otherwise I dont know. Post some more info.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Perhaps a picture will help? I’m not terribly keen to see but if there’s something amiss it would be best if you knew so you could go to a doctor.

Perhaps you should go the doctor anyway?

im sorry

im very sorry i did read it but forgot it! Ok its flesh colored and it doesn’t hurt at all! ITs probly less then 1/2” when errect then when my dick gets soft, the thing gets smaller and almost not visible!

My opinion and I’m not a doctor: If you’ve always had this (that’s important) and it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t interfere with sex or masturbation, you don’t have a problem.

No doubt you could have some kind of fairly easy laser surgery to be rid of it, if you want it gone.

If this growth ever changes in any way, though - size, color, sensitivity, etc., go _immediately_ to have it checked out.



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