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Bump On Underside of Shaft! Help!

Hi W.B.H, I’ve been PEing on off for 3-4yrs.I’m really glad you posted pics of your problem, as I’ve had a few of these lately! I couldn’t find info on these things before. I too thought it was as a result of my routines! At first thought I was going to hard on the old fella!, then not warming up/down long enough, went back to newbie routine but alas still got the buggers! Thx Diverdown an Pudendum for the info.I have older scars too W.B.H and I’m using scar cream on em, bio oil, clinica cream seem to be doing good on the older ones!

The razor is getting sidelined for a while me thinks!

I’ve got one too W.B.H. All I do is jelqing right now, and I noticed it a few weeks ago. It hasn’t gone away. How long have you had yours for?

I know this post is a decade old, but figured Iā€™d share the quick fix that eliminated this very problem for me last week. That spot he has is a cyst that will go down completely in 3-4 days when you have a dermatologist inject it with steroid. That is what I did - completely solved the problem. The injection also was not painful.


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