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Bump on penis? What from/should I see dr?

Bump on penis? What from/should I see dr?

While this isn’t an injury, it’s something that has been bothering me for the past few weeks.

I have developed a small bump on the underside of my shaft. There is a tiny amount of puss that comes out when I squeeze, but the majority of the lump remains. Over the past few weeks the lump has gotten longer (not really puffed up anymore). I suspect it may be a deep ingrown hair, but it’s too deep for me to dig out. Should I see a doctor? And if so, what kind (dermatologist?)? Thank you for any suggestions.

That sounds like an ingrowing hair. I had one of those due to jelqing without shaving. It hurt quite a lot. It depends on just how big it is whether you should be concerned. Maybe discontinue contact with that area, shave, and see how it goes after a few days.

It’s been a few weeks like this. What did you eventually do about it? Did the hair just get long enough that is eventually started to surface and you were able to pull it out? I’ve had ingrown hairs before, but not like this.

If it’s an ingrown hair, the hair continues to grow, but under the skin and will not necessarily surface. It may need to be teased out. But I wouldn’t tinker with that unless you are sure it is an ingrown hair. If you do self-surgery like that, use an alcohol swab while doing it; apply some Neosporin to the open wound after.



It could be nothing or life threatening. If your boil enlarged slowly it’s just a boil, toxins leaving the skin. Keep it clean and use hot water to help it flush out. Do not use any oil based lube or Vaseline which will create a seal that incubates the germs allowing them to spread. On the other hand of it increases extremely in a few days it’s methicilin resistant staphlocaucus aureus MRSA. I cought this in my lip in the service and it sucked. MRSA can be life threatening if you have no access to a doctor and it manages to spread through your body. My advice is to stop pe, keep it clean, and monitor it for a week. If it gets bigger on it’s own slowly ( not huge in 2 days like MRSA) or starts to really hurt, which I have had boils do before, it’s just a trip to the doctor for a penicillin shot near near the area. Hope this helped.

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