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Bulge on one side after Uli's


Bulge on one side after Uli's

This morning I woke up and as usual I did my morning work out, this consist of mainly Uli’s. After my workout I had my shower, breakfast etc. But later on during the day (4 hours later) I went to take a piss, and was shocked by what I saw. On the left side of my penis there was a fairly large bulge. It was as if the wall of my penis at this point had baloned out. I had a quick feel and found that the actual bulging was being caused by a build-up of some sort of fluid beneath the skin.

This is diffirent to the Donut effect in that it is only on one side, and the bulge is a lot bigger. Also I find that the Donut effect usually disappears after a couple of hours. Well it has now been about 7 hours, and I still have the bulge. There is no pain and no discomfort at all. What could it be?

I am not a newbie as I have been PE’ing for about two years, I have made good gains in that time. But have never had this happen before.

Any suggestions?

No idea. Maybe you can get the buldge all over your dick for some quick girth? :)

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Hey I’m a bit worried. this is no joking matter…. :)

No need to fear. I’ve had the same thing happen to me a couple of times after some intense clamping. It only seems to happen when I over do it. On a normal day I do about three sessions of clamping (12 minutes each). On those ocassions when I have felt the need to add some sessions I have gotten a similar bulge on the left half of the shaft. I believe that one thing that contributes to this is uneven pressure on the shaft. I would think that maybe you are applying more pressure to the left side than the right. I have the same problem and had experienced uneven growth at one time.

I assume you are either using a cable clamp or a homemade Uli thingy (Bib’s)? If so, simply rotate the device with every session. In other words, if you are using a cable clamp simply install the clamp in different directions. For instance, the hinged end would be at two o’clock the first session, rotate the hinge to four o’clock the second session, eight o’clock the third, etc. With the Uli thingy you would rotate the open end to different spots. Also, if you are just using your hands you might need to rotate your grip.

In all the above you do not get even pressure throughout the shaft. Your problem shows more pressure being applied to the left. Hence, whatever you are doing to the left should be rotated to the right so that you get an even workout.

In the meantime, take a couple days off. Rest is good for girth work. If you don’t let the spot completely heal it will occur everytime you Uli for an extended period, even if you very your connection/grip placement. I think I took five days off the last time and it healed completely. Now I vary the clamp placement and have not had any problems since.


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Thanks for that Marty…thats a load off my mind.

I use my hand when doing Uli’s. So I guess i gotta take some time off eh?…bummer.

Is there any discoloration around the lump? Can you move it around under the skin? Does it feel like a wire or string especially when you are hard? You might have ruptured a small capillary that is bleeding under the skin. Could be a mild thrombosis, but more than likely it is Lymph fluid buildup. The fluid doesn’t always make the doughnut we so often see in pumping. Usually fluid buildup gathers in the weakest areas just below the glands between the circ scar and the coronial ridge, mostly on the ventral side around the frendulem. But sometimes fluid will collect in other areas as well. I disagree with Marty about rotating the clamp. If you are using CableClamps always put the screw toward the floor, always. However I do agree with Marty about taking a few days off, at least from clamping. A lot of massaging will dissipate the fluid. Forget Girth work and all aggressive PE for a few days and pamper your dick. I recommend sex.


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I agree with the guys that say it is a lymph fluid bulge and it will dissipate on its own. It was probably there when you finished your workout, but you didn’t notice it because you were pumped up all over.

Thanks Big Girtha, Gprent.

Big Girtha. There is no discolouration around the lump. Yes I can move it under the skin and no it does not feel hard like a wire. I am now beginning to think that it may well be Lymph fluid build up. I will take a break from PE for a few days and see how things go.

I’ll take your advice amd pamper the guy. :)

I’ve had a similar experience with bulging but mine was on the right side. It reminded me of bicycle inner tube blowing out. This first time I experienced this it was pretty sensitive but that went away. Normally when it happens, usually after a hard workout, I just take a break for a day or two.

Yeah Travelguy thats exactly how it was, like bicycle inner tube blowing out. How often has this happened to you?
Also how often do you get this Marty?

Anyway it has been about 13 hours and the swelling has almost disappeared. But I will take a couple of days off anyway.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I have that too, basically an uneveness in the expansion from left chamber to right at about the mid shaft. I am just hoping that it will even out over time, or if not will continue down the shaft. I think that as long as you switch sides that the clamp clicks in on it might help- and I’ll be trying this from now on too. Good luck.

Woke up this morning and had a look at my cock, guess what? The Swelling has completley gone down. So i’ll get back to PE’ing after a few more days.

Bam, from reading your post it sounds like your swelling hasn’t gone down. Is that the case? If so, how long have you hade the swelling?

I have gotten that it’s a donut you need to take some rest time and give the insides of your penis time to heal. It’s not a big deal I have worked through them but I think now I should have rested more.

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it’s not swelling but the shape of the cavernosa that causes it to bulge out. It really is teat drop shaoed, and due really to a .5 of an inch that my mid shaft has that the base doesn’t. I don’t blame the bulge but the base really. Grow damnit!

I dont think that mine was due to the cavernosa, it definitly felt like a build-up of some thick fluid under the skin. When erect I could feel that the shaft of my penis was still the same, yet I could move this bulge under the skin.

Dino, I get the donut effect often after a good work-out, but this was different, it definitly was not the usual donut. It was a lot larger and only on one side about half way along my penis. If I sqeezed it I could see the skin strech and beneath was some kind of thickish liquid.

So may be it was lymphatic fluid, (any one know if lymphatic fluid is thick?)

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