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Bruising Underneath Glans

Bruising Underneath Glans

Right underneath my glans I get extreme bruising and scarring almost.

Lot of discoloration it looks like, I hate it! What can I do about it?

Neosporin or Arnica gel might help…

Its not discoloration though, its like cuts almost. I dont know how to explain it. And if you look closely at my pics youll see what I am talking about.

It may be a combination of discoloration and stretch marks. The pics I looked at were too indistinct to really see anything.

Stretch marks near the glans are probably less usual though. Do any of your exercises put strain on the skin underneath the glans? Some people have reported this from Horse 440’s.

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YES, horse440 squeezes are what do it.

Any ideas on how to cure it?

Maybe I should just do ulis and bends.

Well stretch marks fade with time a little but don’t really dissappear. There are product for mothers that might help you at least avoid more but a good skin conditioning cream is prorbably as good. Do you have dry skin there?

The best bet is probably to watch closely when you do horse 440’s, maybe pull the skin up the shaft a little before you apply the grip at the base.

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momemto—-Youre RIGHT ON, nice post.

I cant pull up the skin because I wear a cock ring for head expansion.

Also, I do get dry skin right under the glans for some reason, I have NO IDEA why. I get blood from there if I dont apply lotion believe it or not.

I am not sure if its stretch marks or not.

Hey Alex,

I don’t know how often or long you are wearing that cock ring, but have you ever considered the idea that maybe it is restricting the normal bloodflow to your glans??

Also, perhaps the lotion is actually hurting not helping the dry skin/bruising you are experiencing. Most lotions have alcohol of some form in them, to eliminate the greasy feeling I think. Get some vitamin E gel caps and break one of them and apply to oil from the cap on the dry area. Vitamin E lotion probably has alcohol also, so try the caps.

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