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Bruising question

Bruising question

I broke a blood vessel wet jelqing a couple of days ago. Im not sure why, but suspect it may have been poor warm up, incresed intensity or higher erection level, maybe all three. My question is how long before jelqing again? Im more concerned with this healing properly than jumping right back in and reinjuring.
Wait for the bruising to go away? I dont have any idea of proper time frame, ive researched as usual but get conflicting ideas. In the mean time im stretching up a storm, i can see no harm in that , different principle altogether.

Thanks for any help


I think bruises generally will go away in a week. At least that’s been my experience. The penis seems to be able to repair itself rather quickly. Waiting a week would be my suggestion.

When starting again you might try to keep your erections at 70% and not squeeze as hard as you did before. Varying your grip might help spread the pressure in different areas which may help you avoid re-injury.

Thanks westla, Ive always respected your opinions. What you suggest is kind of my thinking as well. Just got a little carried away I think. porn let me down this time, generally though it gives so much and asks so little.



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