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I have done it to hard - to fast… One of my veins burst yesterday! I’ve got a dark, dark bruc on my Willi. Urk. Please, guys - take it easier than me! Now I guess I have to take a break for a few days waiting for it to heal.


Sorry you received no reply when you first posted this and that this answer is probably of little use to you.

What you’re talking about is not a Bruise as such, When a vein is broken in the penis (and I’ve done it myself) the weakness in the vein wall means that if you do not rest up you will re-injure yourself and even if you do rest up there will be a tendency for failure in the same place.

Feel the area around the area the vein has broken down, if you can feel the coagulated blood around the break thats great it will give you an indicator of how quickly it is healing. Once its gone leave a couple of weeks before returning to full blown girth or jelq sessions. You should be able to safely stretch while its healing.

This brings up a good point. When doing girth exercises, the point is not to distend the veins right under the skin as much as possible. This may look good but is pointless for the purposes of penis enlargement. The kinds of exercises that do this (horses for example) can be modified to produce as much pump with much less pressure being put on the visible veins and much less chance of injury, its simply a matter of trail and error to produces a good pump. For instance when doing a horse, try spending some time simply kegeling in more blood whilst partially releasing the base grip getting to a maximal pump here before attempting a grip on the head, that should reduce the pressure on the outer veins.

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