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Broken Penis Suspensory ligament and repair


Broken Penis Suspensory ligament and repair

My story! Okay having been a member of this forum for a while, perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier. It is a difficult subject for me to discuss and there is a hopelessness about it, that can be depressing. It is a long story so I will divulge more as questions are asked.

The basics are that I broke the suspensory ligament of my penis over 10 years in an accident and are in a lot of constant pain from it. I have had an operation to correct it but it did not help. I suppose I have a wealth of info to divulge about scarring, length gain from breaking the ligament how it affected my life etc. The pain from breaking it effects, every decision I make. I don’t wish to get out of bed in the mornings. Everything is difficult, it affects sleep, and you can’t sleep properly. It affects work, relationships. I have not slept properly since the accident, many years ago. People think you’re lazy, how can you discuss it with friends. Nobody understands.

What I am hoping to get from this thread is perhaps a method of relieving some pain and believe me I have tried most. Life is not good and has not been for a long, long time. With this pain I consider myself as a person who is not living a proper life, like an engine running on 3 cylinders and not 6! This is the deal with PE, it is dangerous. It is difficult for me to discuss so be gentle with me. Diesel.

PS I wanted to put this in the main member’s forum as info to anyone interested, but lack of privileges prevents this. It is more than a little injury; it is a life changing injury. It is not going to kill me but in some ways it might as well.

Did you break it during PE??

Yes, it was my first uneducated rather aggressive attempt at PE. Way back before the Internet and chat rooms. I was lucky not to rip it off completely.

Wow.. Can you provide more details as to how this occurred?

Which surgeon tired to fix the problem?

Ok, the details. It started with a little racial sterio typing ( I am not a racist ) . I was told this joke before the accident. It goes something like a black guy and a white guy were standing at the urinal taking a piss. And the white guy looks down and sees the length of the black mans penis. White guy says how did it get that long? Black guy says when I was younger dad tied a brick around it. So one week later black guy sees white guy how is the penis weight hanging going? white guy says well I got the biggest weight I could find and a rope, it has not got any longer but it has turned black.

This joke was the catalyst that caused me to try PE and the injury was the result. What I did was simply pull it down very hard and that was it something broke. No blood, no bruising, just a feeling something was not right. This was many years ago.

No details of the surgeon, I like to protect my privacy and his. This was his first attempt, it was a new type of injury to him and he was a very experienced competent surgeon of many years. The surgery was carried out about 4 years after the injury. At the time I did not talk to anybody about it. I saw doctors and hinted at the general area of pain but none guessed. Eventually I told a doctor that something had happened during a sexual encounter. The they investigated and diagnosed it, simply by gripping the penis and finding movement there. Even I back then did not know, old medicine books did not even show the suspensory ligament. Back then the pain was far far worse.


I broked ligaments of both of my knees and had 3 surgerys in the past, and I sure don’t want this to happen to my 3rd leg.

I am not familiar with the penis elargement surgery, but doesn’t it about cutting the suspensory ligament?

The operation to repair was carried out under general anesthetic. He stitched the penis back to the bone. There was no ligament as such to stitch back. I think it was about 4 or 5 stitches. All this time leading up to the operation I did not wish to have a girlfriend, the embarrassment of it all. This was delaying my life. And how long after the operation would it take to look normal down there?? About 4 months as it happens.

Nobody knew of the operation only me and the medical staff. This was top secret stuff to me. I had a friend who worked at the hospital so 1 week before the operation I changed my car. So there was no chance that he would recognise my new car in the car park and enquire why it was there.

Speculum. I think cutting of the ligaments is different to tearing. Tearing is uncontrolled. Cutting was a procedure what I did was masochistic DIY butchery!

More details. I think I may have gained 1/4 of an inch by tearing the ligament in length. It was not worth it! But erection quality was poor. Morning wood was gone along with random day time erections. With poor sleep your clarity of thought and energy levels are very bad.My life was falling apart and still is. The surgery did not help. The surgeon could not do any more. The penis worked as far as he was concerned, erections, urination and ejaculation were fine.So pain killers of all types were tried. Nothing helped. When the initial injury happened it hurt something in the right testicle as well, it may have been diverted pain or something but pain was there also.

Hypnosis therapy was tried, acupuncture, various scans. Doctors thought, the pain was in my head so neuropathic pain killers were tried. Where the brain still thinks there is an injury but the site of original injury has healed. All this to no avail. The injury was nearer 20 years ago we will say between 15 and 20 to keep it vague.

Ok so now on to see a pain consultant. Tablets and local anaesthetic injections were administered. These helped a little. So now I have had scalpels near my penis and horrifically long needles. The needles are painful but after 10 or so you get used to them.
To save money and increase the frequency of the local anesthetic injections I started administering myself with local anesthetic.Pain consultants don’t like to administer anaesthetic more frequently than every 3 months. I was injecting every day at one time.Don’t ask where I got the anesthetic from but it was difficult and dangerous but I was desperate. If you hit a blood vessel it will knock you out or worse.

Ok so we are getting up to date now. So nothing is really working to help the pain. I am trying a little PE about 3 years ago now. Not gaining. So I am thinking in the back of my mind this repair is preventing me from growing, the stitching of the penis to the bone. This is stopping me gaining length.
So still in pain I visit an urologist after a doctors re-feral (a different one) and ask him to remove the stitches and investigate why there is pain. Two reasons.

This time I had an epidural and could still feel the pain in the penis during the operation. There were no stitches to remove they must have dissolved and there was nothing unusual down there. So that was a waste of $4000 and another scar down by the top of the penis. This one is on top of the first but is a little more noticeable. The first was not noticeable at all. The reason the second was noticeable because there was a slight infection which I should have got antibiotics for at an earlier stage. Also the second operation I had a little more body fat.It is not a big problem,but I wish the scar was not there.

All along interfering with my life getting rid of a girlfriend about 1 week before the operation. I did not want anybody to know about it. Hey by now I was used to surgery on my penis so it was nothing to me. This second operation did not help the pain and I am not sure what if anything the surgeon did down there? He did not take long. I am thinking of having an MRI scan to see if anything down there is unusual, but it is more money!

I would like to know more about the dynamic of your injury. You pulled with your hands, or with some kind of harness?

The dynamics of the injury, I pulled down hard with my hands, yanked it. It may have been 2 hands but it was not controlled. It was the first time I had tried PE. No harness involved. This caused some discomfort and like a fool, continued PE the next day to try and pull out the pain. Stupid I know, but there is a little logic in there somewhere. That was it the second time did the real damage and must have torn the suspensory ligament.

Heydieselpower, can you read my thread? I injured my penis though it was a masturbation accident. Can you read it and see if it was a bit similar? My life is horrible since my accident and it occurred 4.5 years ago.

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