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Broken penis please help


Isn’t grams too much ?

Wanking, did you read what petit wrote?

regards, mgus

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This is a crazy longshot and I hope not possible but I was recently travelling SE Asia and I just so happened to watch this documentry about parasites and a guy who had been to Thailand got like parasite worms in his brain and other under his skin

I hope I don’t have some kind of parasite worms in my penis

I did put my penor in a few places that perhaps weren’t such a good idea looking back

Originally Posted by chrono_
Isn’t grams too much ?

You can take like up to 30 grams per night to stimulate growth hormone

So 5-10 gram aint much really

Sweet , maybe I will give it a try.

Originally Posted by Wankinghansolo
You can take like up to 30 grams per night to stimulate growth hormone

So 5-10 gram aint much really

I’ve read it works better if supplemented with choline and B5, as well. Tonight I’m going to take 10grams of AAKG, and 2grams of choline; no B5, as I do not have any. I remember choline giving me extremely vivid dreams. I’ll report back in a week with the outcome of this test.


Well must be 4 nights in a row with 5 grams arginine and I keep getting 110 percent skin ripping solid boners

The type of boners you just can’t jelq with (not that I’m trying)

So, I still got probs and doc tomorrow but I definitely recommend arginine for solid erections.

Sounds good mate , thanks for the tips. Do you still feel your penis damaged ?

Went to doc.2-3 month waiting list to see urologist so told me to rest it for another 2-3 weeks and see how it is then.

Hopefully you feel better. From what you described I have the same symptoms but even worst so I know mine is definitely a broken penis. In your case it could be something else.

I have been a diabetic for 42 years,here’s a couple of suggestions should ask your doctor to do a glucose tolerance test, you may have diabetes

2.I would go to the ER ,they usually have an urologist on call ,

3.It could be calcium deposits,I have a lot and some of my non essential veins are rocks

Good Luck ,Wanking


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