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Broken penis please help

Originally Posted by Wankinghansolo

But does this pins and needles give any more clues to the possible damage?

Yes to me it says there’s the possibility that you might be fucking with some nerve damage also if you don’t leave it alone for awhile.

You need to see a urologist in the down time. Just call your regular doctors office and plain out ask for a referral to a Urologist. Just tell them you would like to go see a urologist. I’ve never had a doctor say no. But if they do say nay for whatever reason, just call the urologist office yourself and set an appointment date. If they ask tell them your doctor sent you. I only once had a specialist ask who referred me to him. This was after 6 visits. I told him no one did. I wanted to see him so I made the fucking appointment. He laughed.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Take a break man. On everything. Don’t fuck up your dick for anything, as it defines you as a man. I too am totally desensitized to porn from too much exposure. It all looks like th evening news to me, like you said. I remember when I could just get hard with lingerie advertisements and good old fashioned fantasy. I want to get back there. Porn can be evil shit if you abuse it.

As for PE. I am taking a week off. Discoloration is getting to be too much and I don’t want to bring it past the point of no return.

Lol man

I used to get hard without even touching my dick looking at the sexy ladies in the underwear section of the catalouges


NOw I need about 4 10 out of 10 big titty hot sluts getting total gangbanged by 15 inch cocks and a monstergrip wank just to get hard..

It’s real bad

But seriously now I’m so desensitised to images and porn I’m finding I can get harder using just my mind

I visualise cute girls I seen in street or from past etc.and imagine getting them naked and sexing them.

Do you have a firmness in your penis when standing up?

And have you always had that vein?

NOt sure about your first question but ever since I began PE years ago this vein was always more prominent and visual than any other vein

It’s just really a lot harder and lumpier and weirder than before plus it’s like it’s pumped and hard and prominent when I’m flaccid (as seen on pics) whereas before the vein was only really prominent when erect

I have one too and I don’t know if it is related to the other issues ..

Should it be possible or impossible or difficult to get a full erection with a thrmobossed vein?

Hey guys some new pics

Please give your thoughts

(I just done a 10min hot wrap and have about 10-20 percent hardon)

Theres like a hard vein running from base then in middle of cok like a junction veins all hard and they wire off in different directions and main hard vein goes to head but all overly hard

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Mate - post us the end of the vein to see how exactly goes in the glans.

Lay off the masturbation for now dude .. it will get better I think.

Well tbh the hardness in vein slight decreases near glans

It starts really hugely badly in my body I think as at the base connected to my stomach the vein is huge and hard

Funny thing is I can actually push whatever is in this vein all the way up the vein and move it about (painlessly). So even though many veins in the region are hard I can make them bulge more by physically maneuvering whatever is clogging the vein.

Is it blood?

I will lay off my dick for a while, barre wraps and massages..

I also have arginine in cupboard to take if this does any good I have no clue. How much should I take. I also have some kamagra pills.

If you have something solid in a vain, eventually it could get out of that vein and move around. Possibly clogging something up.

You need to get to a doctor or an urologist to have a professional opinion. And you need to do it quickly. Also, lay off everything you are doing to your dick. Including any supplements

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Well I got doc on friday

I took some arginine and went to sleep and was waking up with 100 percent ripping boners and horny dreams but I could feel an ache/weird feeling in the vein area, still can.

Well at least I am able to get erections without physical contact?

I will continue wraps and massages til see doc?

What kind of arginine did you take ?

L-arginine ester powder

I took about 5 grams before bed with my usual night time supps (glutamine zma, vit c and b)


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