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Blood seep out of penis

Blood seep out of penis

Hey guys I know this should be in the injury forum but I havent yet accumulated enough quotes to do so.

Well I was jelqing about 2 weeks ago and got a bit sidetracked and a bit horny watching a bit of nikki cox and before I knew it had spent 6 min straight with a near raging hard on. Anyways as is to be expected an injury of some sorts occurred. Had blood seeping out of the head of my penis, not where you piss by the way. The blood seeped out of the “wrinkles” in your penis which allow your cock to become fully erect I think. Ever since, those “wrinkles” are a lot larger when flaccid and I havent returned to my routine beforehand. I have jelqed at a low erection level and done stretches. By the way I have been jelqing for 2 months straight before this injury and for a year before my return to PE.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar or has anyone got any suggestions?


I never heard that one before, blood out of the urethra is common but I’m not sure what’s going on with you. Is your skin really dry?

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Back off PE until everything looks and feels normal and your regular erections are normal. You got seriously side-tracked. My bet is that you abraided your shaft skin, doing whatever you were doing while watching nikki cox.

If things don’t smooth out soon, bite the bullet and see a urologist. Meanwhile, take your unit out only to pee.



OWCH! Sounds like a blood clot in your shaft.

Oh my.

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Can you be more exact as to where the blood is coming from? The head, foreskin, foreskin scar line, or lower on the shaft?

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Blood out of the shaft? Not very pleasent. If it keeps happening maybe you should see a doctor.

Ya, you might really want to go see a doctor on this one.

Yeh it’s out of the head of the penis. Not the shaft or the foreskin or the pisshole. There are still larger “wrinkles” than normal and I still haven’t PE’ed for a while now. I’m not too keen on seeing a doctor but I have been able to have sex and everything else.but the injuries preventing me from returning to PE and I’m so keen.. Any advice?

Yes, as people have already said, see a doctor. Don’t ignore the advice, blood is coming out of your penis, is that normal? I’m going to answer for you, no it isn’t.

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