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Blood or Paranoia?

Blood or Paranoia?

So the other day I was doing my new girth routine, which includes stretching, dry jelqs, sadsak slinkys and wet jelqs. I did the slinkys before with no problem and excellent engorgement (no other girth exercise has done this for me and I have never gained girth from PE yet, so this was promising). I do them at a low erection level so that they are practically orange bends but with bending back into the unit more and repeating in a slinky motion.

Anyway, on my last set this time I felt a slight pinch in my glands where my finger was (I thought my unclipped thumbnail might’ve dug in) so I repositioned my hand and finished the set. Checking out my post-workout engorged and healthy looking penis, I noticed what looked like a small drop of blood in the tip. This is one of those holy-shit-that’s-the-worst-but-will-never-happen-to-me injuries that just mentally fucked me up, so I looked away, got up and paced around in panic as my dick shriveled into a tiny hard-flaccid mess (this didn’t happen until I saw the blood, so guaranteed it was a mental thing).

A few minutes later, still in disbelief I was like “Man, was that really blood?” and checked out my unit again. Nothing. I squeezed up and down my shaft and on the glans to see if anything came out… Zilch. I tested the mechanics of my unit: went to take a piss, put on some porn and got completely hard. There were no signs of anything wrong, except for a mild fatigue on my dick overall that I have since attributed to a positive indicator for being “in the growth zone” (anytime I felt that in the past I would gain soon after, and I am gaining right now). I wonder if it was a drop of piss that, with my blood-engorged dick in the background and shitty lighting above, combined with my brain repeatedly telling myself “take it easy, don’t hurt yourself,” just made me paranoid about this.

What do you guys think? Has anyone who’s seen blood in the tip experienced it this briefly or is that an uncommon situation? I wish I had just stayed calm and examined what had happened more carefully!

Oh yeah, also after 2 days rest (I am on a 1 on 2 off schedule) I woke up today with morning wood so EQ isn’t an issue and perhaps even better than before…

I suspect you just torn your frenulum or caused a little cut with nails. Are you sure the blood was coming from the pee hole?

It definitely came from the pee hole. That’s why I couldn’t confirm that it really was blood…It never even escaped the hole or got on my fingers or anything.

If you are sure it came from the pee hole, I’d suggest a week off. Positive PI’s aren’t really reliable in these cases, I think. If it happens again you should speak with an urologist. I had blood coming from the pee hole when I came clamped, and it had no consequences, but better not under evaluate such kind of things IMHO.

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Well, take a few more days off give it a chance to heal.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Good point about not under evaluating something like this… I guess I will take several more days off. In retrospect, I don’t really know what else I could have mistaken for blood, no matter how briefly I saw it. My last question, to marinera and anyone else who’s seen blood from the urethra: what was the nature of the injury? Did something hurt/sting, and was there a significant stream of blood coming out or just a drop? I’m just trying to assess how bad this injury really is… I’ve seen a few answers to the first question in other threads but not so much the latter question.

Blood from urethra can have different causes; in yours case, I think you just squeezed too hard, causing the rupture of a capillary, so blood flowing in your urethra and thereafter out of your pee-hole.

As a final note, I have to add that I’m not exactly the guy with the deeper knowledge of this kind of things, so to have a more educated guess you’ll have to wait for somebody else chiming in - maybe avocet or westla. :)

If it was anything at all, it sounds like it was minor. As marinera said, it was probably a broken capillary. Or it might have been, as you said, an optical illusion. I’ve had blood come from the meatus (me-ate’-us, or “pee hole”) before. The lining of the urethra is rather delicate. You can burst a small blood vessel fairly easily. It’s not significant. And you’ve had several days pass and shown yourself that there was no permanent problems.

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