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Blood marks, naevus flammeus or something else?

Blood marks, naevus flammeus or something else?

Well I guess I will have to take a break from PE because I have some red/dark marks on the shaft of my penis.
They are not little red spots, but actually marks that look darker than the normal color of my penis. They are about an inch or a little less in height and width.
I have one mark on the left side, another one on the right side, and one right under my glans (smallest one, about 0.2 inch in both height and width.
Also, when I have an erection, you can clearly see the darkened part just below the middle of my shaft.

Could they be blood marks or something? Perhaps I have used too much pressure or didn’t rest enough? I don’t know.
Google gave me the Latin name of what I think it could be, although I doubt it: naevus flammeus, or in English: wine macula.
One of my thoughts is that the skin of my penis is aggetated or something, could be due to the jelqing, too much/less hot water, or a reaction to the lube I use (LubeXXX).

I will provide a picture tomorrow as it’s night over here and the pictures are too poor due to lack of sunlight (using my phone to take a picture).
At this moment I can only show you a crappy drawing I made with Paint. Just to give you a better idea of what I mean.
If I had to put a number on the scale of how much darker those marks are in comparison of my normal penis color, I would say about.. 25 to 50%.

By the way, I wanted to call my urologist to make an appointment but she was too busy and couldn’t answer the phone, next chance is monday..

Edit: I forgot to say, I have done bed fowfers for about a month. But I always had the feeling I was doing them wrong, because sometimes it started to itch, or feel as if there wasn’t getting enough blood through. Maybe this could have caused it?

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The pictures won’t work, they aren’t clear enough to see the difference.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until I see my urologist then..

It’s OK guys, I went to see my normal doctor and he said it was just a skin-irritation.

Probably because of PE my skin got a little sensitive. I’m relieved.

Hi Pepsi,

What are you using as a lubricant when jelqing? Like you I am uncut and find that the skin does get a bit of extra stretch when jelqing. So perhaps a little more lubricant, and maybe just jelqing with one hand whilst holding the foreskin at the base to stop it moving forward too much might help.

I find it does ease the pressure on the skin when I do that.

Might be worth a try.

Also, perhaps less pressure for a while might help.


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