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Blood in ejaculate!

Blood in ejaculate!

Hello all, great forum. I recently started PE’ing 1 1/2 weeks ago. As of two days ago, I now have blood in my ejaculate! Has anyone experienced this before, especially as a result of PE? I’m a very healthy 31 year old with no history of high blood pressure, std’s, or any other genitourinary problems. My routine consists of 5 min. hot wrap, 10-30 sec. stretches, 100 slow jelqs, 10 squeezes, and 5 min. hot wrap. I do squeeze pretty hard on jelqs (former powerlifter). Maybe I performed the jelqs and squeezes too hard? I have no pain or discomfort whatsoever. I have sex on avg. of 3 times per week, with PE performed about 5 times per week. This condition is apparantly called “hematospermia” and affects many males betw. ages 30-40. Just curious if anyone has experienced this as a result of PE? Sorry to be long-winded, this condition has kinda unnerved me a little! Thanks in advance for replies.



I personally have not heard of this from PE before, but You can browse through the injury/treatment forum.

You can also do a search using the function key at the top right of any page.

Good luck with this, sorry to hear about it.

It may be prudent to go see a urologist. Although I woudn’t want to admit how it happened I would much rather make sure my future use of my penis is not compromised.

It’s possible it isn’t related to PE but could be prostate, seminal vesicles or other issues although the timing sure is suspect.

It would be helpful to others if you post later on about your outcome (good or bad) but we all hope good

I am new to PE but I have experienced this before I had any interest. Blood in the ejaculate is can in most cases be attributed to heavy lifting. This condition usually is short term. The stress of lifting or some sports will rupture blood vessels in the seminal vesicle or prostrate gland and they are usually quick to heal. While I was working at a distribution center where I heard of it happening a couple times and happened once to myself. I would be willing to say that when i go further with PE it may happen again but from what I have seen and read on since it is a alarming topic most have nothing to worry about.

You seeing blood when you jelq and, then perhaps ejaculating right after your workouts? Just curious. I’ve had blood from my urethra when jelqing many times before and also from stretching many times. I attribute it to capillaries near the surface lining of the urethra rupturing when too much pressure is applied to the glans. There’s no pain when it happens….capillaries are so tiny and, while there can be a good amount of blood released….the bleeding never lasts more than a few seconds. Then I just carry on with my routine.

I moved this to the injuries forum.

I think that it is odd that you would nnot have blood in urine but in the ejaculate only. I’d see a urologist if I were you. It probably has nothing to do with pe but it would be prudent to put it on hold till this gets sorted out.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the replies guys. Never had any blood in the urine at all, and no blood during jelqing. This may not be a PE related injury, just occured probably coincidently, after starting PE. According to my research on the net, this happens spontaneously to 30-40 yr olds and is rarely indicitive of anything major i.e cancer, and usually resolves itself within a couple weeks. I’ll keep everyone posted-hopefully this is just a fluke happening.

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