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Blood From Penis

Sadly, it is good to know I’m not the only one who has sprung a leak. Thanks all for contributing your tales. I feel a bit better about losing some red out me end. I started a separate thread called “Injury?” before doing the proper searches. If you would like to read what Firegoat had to say to me, it is there. Mostly what you all have addressed here with my issues being similar. Bled once or twice while jelqing, bled once while streching.

Has anyone here returned from the doctor with any specific advice (other than rest for two weeks)?

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Discolored semen

I’ve noticed recently that my semen is a bit discolored (not very dark but a bit of a rusty hue to it). Doing a Google search makes me think it is related to seminal vesicle. After doing the newbie routine for 3 months I began very light hanging, bath mate and light jelqing and manual stretching. I suspect that the manual stretches BTC are the culprit or perhaps I used to much pressure with the Bath mate. I don’t know if heat from warm ups would affect the color of semen.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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My guess would be the hanging. Just my opinion. Lay off for a few weeks and see if your semen color changes. If not, see a urologist.

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Thanks Titleist

I appreciate your feedback. I’ll go easy for a bit.

Clearly my username is aspirational!

Bumping this because:
A) I think it’s good information for anyone experiencing this, and
B) I’m going through it myself right now.

I don’t think what I have is anything serious. I can actually see a tiny cut right at the opening, which is almost definitely brought on by overdoing it. It’s completely painless and only starts bleeding at high intensity levels (in my case pumping).

I think the key as ThunderSS pointed out is that if it’s just a few drops with a clear cause, don’t panic and give it time to heal - at least a couple of weeks. It’s most likely not serious.

But if it keeps happening even after stopping PE completely then definitely get it looked at by a doctor.


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