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Blood during jelqing

Blood during jelqing


Today when I was doing 50 dry jelqs my penis started bleeding from the place where urine comes out. Just a little bit of blood came out. My penis was almost fully erect and I had great jelqs, I felt a lot of tension build up in the upper part each time my jelq was all the way up the shaft. It didn’t hurt or anything but I was like ‘holy shit’, well actually I was more like ‘HOLY SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!! FUCK!’.

Has anyone ever had any experience with this? Truth be told I used to jelq wet but I’ve had trouble finding the right way to do it up until now. Dry jelqing felt great, as far as tension in the upper part concerned and I was hoping for finally some growth now and suddenly this happens. My personal theory is that I pushed it too hard and one of the things that fills up with blood exploded due to too much tension.

Please share your experiences and knowledge with me.

Thanks in advance.

Blood should NOT be coming out of the Urethra as a result of burst capillaries, so it might be something more serious. I would check with a Doctor just to be safe.

Jelqing fully erect is very dangerous, and can result in serious injury, trust me, I’ve been there. Try Uli’s instead, for a little more expansion you can try Horse Squeezes, but do not jelq up the shaft while fully erect.

Good luck.

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I would say don’t worry about it. This has happened to me at least twice and all that was needed was some rest in order for it to heal. It does mean that you’re doing it too intensely however. Take some time off and then take it a little more easy when you start again. You should be fine.

Happened to me too. It’s the intensity like quickbeam said. Combination a little with dryness on the glans(head). It’s like cracked skin or something. If you took a closer look you’ll see It’s not directly from inside the urethra most likely. Tone it down some. You should be able to continue, just tone down and slowly work your way back up.

Thanks a lot guys, this eased my mind a little, really, thanks!

Depending on the severity I would actually hold of jelqing for some time and when you do finally resume hold back on the pressure.

Keep us posted and let us know when you need input.

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Take some time off, until you feel it’s fully healed. Blood from penis isn’t the first time that’s reported here, but although it may be benign, you should take it easier. Jelqing should never be done fully erect, especially dry jelqing since it is more intense. Beside, even with Uli’s there are a lot of reports where guys get better expansion when the penis is still pliable a bit - meaning not fully erect.

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I’ll not jelq anymore when it’s fully erect, it’s hard tho, dry jelqing causes a full erection with me so I’ll figure something out to bypass that. Again thanks for all the input you guys!

I can remember the Fuckkkkk, Fuck Bloody! hell! Shit Oh my God! Experience it was a couple of years ago. When I was hanging and I saw blood! After a lot of panic and removing hanger weights etc. The blood was coming from a burst blood capillary on the outside shaft of the penis. At the time the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I thought I had done something very bad. Thankfully all was well after a bit of rest.

Always be cool.

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I’ve moved the thread to the injury forum.

There have been other threads that deal with this too; have a look around the injuries forum, and check out some of the links in ‘Similar Threads’ at the bottom of this page.

It is quite likely you have damaged the inside of the urethra. It will heal fine, but you need to lay off PE until it does, then start again very gently. If you keep going, you will find it’s an injury that will come back more easily in the future.

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