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blood discharge

blood discharge

I have been pe’ing for two years now. Only recently through this site did i find useful info. I used to be under the impression that stress should not be put on the bottom or top in excess.This was due to being misinformed by another website. Currently my workout is as follows :hot wrap, 10 min slow over under jelq , horse squeeze combinded with milking and squeezes up and down shaft and kegaling. Cool down with hot wrap total about thirty minutes.During squeezes I get solid little blood clots kind of mucas like. No pain accompanys them, and after the discharge thats it no more. Anything similar out there? I was at first very concerned, but now I just continue on . It ony happens when i really stress it.

Do you mean the blood discharge is coming out of the urethra? If so I would suggest taking a break for a week or two, and then reducing the intensity of your workout. The most likely reason is that at some point you caused a small tear/rupture somewhere in the urethra due to too much stress, and the constant exercises are not allowing it to fully heal.

This means the wound will remain open, potentially increasing the risk of infection and STDs significantly.

With that in mind, which is worse: Missing two weeks of PE to let it heal, or having a doctor messing around with your pee hole because it got infected? I know which one I would rather choose :)

A scary thing happen to me last night. I have not been doing my normal exercises like normal and just started kind of hard in a jelqing routine almost fully erect. I was in the shower and I looked down and blood was coming out of my penis. I stopped right a way and the blood stopped. Then I tried it a again with less force and no blood. I’m a bit worried about what to do. I don’t pee blood or anything and I can get an erection just fine. I’m wondering what happened in there and is there potential for more serious problems. Should I go to the doctor?


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