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Blood coming out of urethra after exercise

Blood coming out of urethra after exercise

Do you think it’s very serious if it’s just a couple of small drops? I mean I was pretty concerned but a day later I feel fine and think I’ll try the exercise again just be more cautious.

By the way the injury was caused doing this exercise below and I probably used to much weight putting way to much pressure on my bell end.

Audacia - Hanging With A Karate Belt

Just a few drops of…BLOOD. There shouldn’t be any of it in your urethra. If you feel it isn’t that serious you are lucky but I would recommend 1 week off, just to be on the safe side.

Not a Positive Indicator there champ.

I’ve beaten the utter shit out of my unit when I was still on my quest for a monster and never, ever ,ever had blood come out of my dick

Just sayin’

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It’s not a tragedy, some days off should fix it. But I wonder why would you do again an exercise that has caused this problem when there are proven and safer ways to hang.

Maybe he is crazy!

Originally Posted by cayance
Just a few drops of.BLOOD. There shouldn’t be any of it in your urethra. If you feel it isn’t that serious you are lucky but I would recommend 1 week off, just to be on the safe side.

Yeah I can’t really see where it came, I mean I’m not doctor but I don’t see how it could get from inside the bell end / penis walls into that pipe.

And Marina I can’t afford a bib and I’m totally shit at making home made stuff, this is like the only alternative to gains and it’s not that unsafe. I was just being an idiot I think, To much blood in my unit squeezing the end as hard as possible basically letting 30 pounds of pressure push ontop of that too.

I just did the same exercise now, a day after it happened and all felt pretty well, I was care full to not hold exactly by the glands too which helps. But yesterday It was fine until my 9th set. I only just did 3 quick little sets.

I also think it possibly may of been caused, After a few sets It gets a little thicker in the middle, I dry jelqed this area obviously forcing blood to the head then did my next set which is when it happened. I’m just going to be light and extra careful but it’s strange every time I’m scared it’s going to happen again. I guess in time ill be confident with it again. I actually decided to do the exercise so soon after it happened to confront the fear of it rather than wait not knowing if I could continue doing the exercise because I really want to make gains.

You don’t need money for this, Audacia

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