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Blood came out, time off

Blood came out, time off

Some blood came out about a week ago, and I actually ignored it a bit at first, I wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening. After doing two more sessions and seeing a bit of blood here and there, I started to get real freaked and then my third session, about 3 or 4 drops of blood.

This was enough to finally let me realize I need to take a break and I read in thunders that this type of injury needs about two weeks. I made it 4 full days but, decided I was going to do a light session because I really need to fuck my girl friend and I need my post session gains to do that! I’ve messed things up a bit by using post session gains because now it can’t be casual, I need to plan, make sure I have my horney goat weed in me an hour or more before my hour long session… (then sex any time within a couple of hours after my session)

In any case, I did a 15 minute warm up un hot water, and got a real good errection and started to do light Ulis (my main workout) … but I was so nervous and couldn’t bring my self to squeeze nearly hard enough, I ended up having a real good jerk off and quit my session.

I just thought I’d share my storey, and ask a question to anyone who’s had experience with none painful injuries from PE where blood is coming out of the penis,… “snake eye” hole or whatever.

Since it’s not painful, it can’t be THAT bad could it? If I wait untill tommorow morning, it’ll be about 5 days off PE, has that been enough for anyone else with this problem? Maybe I should just wait the full two weeks but I really need to fuck my girl friend.. our relationship is a bit messed up after she told me she was with a big guy and now I’m all strange about sex, and I’m really dismal sometime when I can’t stop thinking about her with him.

bleh.. anyway, any comments?


I would totally freak out if I saw drops of blood coming out of my peter. Why don’t you lay off for the full two weeks and just concentrate on fucking your girlfriend? Let it heal, pain or no pain!! Don’t dismiss the blood!! It’s a symptom of your overdoing it. Just my opinion.

Take better care of willy!! He’s all you’ve got!! :D


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


There are lots of girls out there and you have ONE dick. Go see a doctor, don’t fuck around with the blood. What do you mean you need to fuck her? There are many other ways to please a women, be romantic, use your hands and your toung.

Besides she might be just talking shit to piss you off.

I am not convinced that your immediate post workout gains can solve your relationship problems. Talk to her.
She said she was (maybe) with a bigger guy but she is still with you, isn’t she? Then there must be something to your relationship besides sex.

I hope things will work out between you guys.

Ya I figured I’d get answers like this..

sparky91: no no, you’ve got the whole thing wrong. It’s not like she’s being a size queen or anything, I asked about her past lover a long time ago, it slipped out, she knew she made a mistake and never talked about it again. She’s a great girl, this is all my fault and my mental complex to deal with and it’s a really tough thing.. actually it’s the only real problem in our relationship. When I said I need to fuck her, it’s because she feels like I don’t want her anymore but she just doesn’t understand (fully) what’s going on in my head. I hate my 4.6” girth dick.. I can’t use it for sex ever again, my post session gains are like, 5 - 5.25” …

Thanks for the replies, I’m probably gunna leave it alone for at least two more days which would make it a week, but right now I’m contemplating doing a session now, after 5 days… I gotta fuck her!!

You have a couple problems, it seems. One is minor. The other is in your head. The blood thing is minor. Every now and then we all can have a drop or two of blood come out of the meatus (pee hole). It means you’ve injured the lining of the urethra. I’m not surprised since your “main exercise” are Ulis. Be careful how you clamp the base as this is probably where the injury occurs. A few drops of blood are not the end of the world.

Your other problem is that you cannot perform (you believe) if you don’t do a workout first. That’s nonsense. Your post workout plumpness, you can’t really call it gains unless it doesn’t go away, probably doesn’t make that much difference to her. Has she complained? You said, “She's a great girl, this is all my fault and my mental complex to deal with and it's a really tough thing.. actually it's the only real problem in our relationship. When I said I need to fuck her, it's because she feels like I don't want her anymore but she just doesn't understand (fully) what's going on in my head.” So it seems you know that the problem is how you view yourself and has nothing to do with her.

Why allow your girth, or your perceived lack of it, rule your life? She’ll eventually get tired of your “mind games” and leave. You need to get your head on straight before that happens.

Thanks for the replies guys.

westla: no she hasn’t complained, she could care less about my size. She just wants me to love her that’s all, like I said she’s like, almost perfect.

“Why allow your girth, or your perceived lack of it, rule your life? She’ll eventually get tired of your “mind games” and leave. You need to get your head on straight before that happens.”

She’s a Japanese girl and when she came here (canada) she first met a canadian before me who she was with for three months before they broke up since he was on his way to Korea to teach or something. He was the big guy and, Japanese girls are really small so I’ve got this image in my head of her with this guy and it just kills me. My getting bigger doesn’t really do anything good other than help me deal with my mental complex, to some degree.

The simple answer is, “it rules my life because my mind ins’t strong enough”
Yes she probably will get tired of my head games, and right now I’m just in limbo.. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get over this and start giving her the unconditional love she deserves. I can hardly believe I’m saying this because the two of us really do love eachother but, half of me wants to give up.. I feel like shooting my self when my obsession kicks in (the thought of her with him just destroys me)

Then there’s the mature side of me that knows she doesn’t deserve this, if I leave her I’m sure she’ll be crushed. The question is whether I can find it in me to hang in there, mentally, emotionally etc..

sigh… bang


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