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Blood Blisters?

Blood Blisters?

Howz it going guys.

Upon recently starting a new regiment of PE, after a long lay-off, I managed to injure my glans (head) right on the edge (I am cut, so the position of this injury is edge of the mushroom), and I’m guessing the injury is a blood blister after fiding another post on this topic.

Only problem is, that it it’s actually slightly white on the tip of the blister. I’m not keen on resuming PE any time soon if this is serious.

I noticed the blood blister last week, stopped for one week, and resumed today, at which point the fucker changed its size and colour (purple).

Thunder once recommended using arnica lotion and rest, in the event of a blood blister.

Most injuries that occur during PE require more than a week to heal. This is especially true for those involving blood vessels. I’d advise stopping until it goes away, which may take two to four weeks. If you continue you’re likely to make it worse or prevent or slow healing.

Hey West

I read an earlier post about some chap who overcooked it, and managed to burst his blood vessel and skin, thereby casuing bleeding- do you think this may happen if I get back to PE soon? Also, how will I be able to check that the blister has healed? When not doing PE, the blister subsides and appears as a slight imperfection on the glans (same colour as well), i.e. the blister only arises when doing PE.

Thanks for your input.

The body continuously repairs damage by replacing old cells with new ones. Different body parts take differing amounts of time to heal. One way to tell if something is healed is if it looks normal. Some things change as they heal, like a cut in the skin may heal as a scar, and never look normal again. Burst blood vessels and blisters, if left alone and not put under repeated stress, tend to heal without scars. I’d say you’ll have to wait at least a month to give the area time to get back to a state where the excess pressure of PE won’t cause a re-injury. I’d wait until the glans has no detectable imperfection then give it another week before starting PE again.


I took your advice, and laid off PE for longer than 4 weeks… but alas, the bister/bruise/imperfection has remained the same diameter, but has become dark brown. To be honest, the affected area looks more to me like dead skin. It’s composition and feel is distinct from the rest of my glans.

To make things even worse, after laying off more than a month, I resumed PE, expecting this imperfection to not act up, and noticed the exact oppsite- it grew in size, changed from dark brown to purple, and as if things weren’t bad enough, the opposite side of my glans also started to develop a similar type of imperfection.

Please, I need some advice. I fear that this may be the last of my PE days…

Hey guys

For anyone who may have any idea on what this apparent problem of mine might be, please don’t hesitate to respond to this post.

Time to see a doc, Baracus. Normally you could expect blood blister contents to be internally absorbed and then the topside to scab over and fall off in a couple weeks, even in such a sensitive area as the glans.

Who knows? Maybe your normal nocturnal erections are aggravating it; for sure your PE is. Get it checked. There is likely a very easy solution for you.



avocet, is it possible that this may be normal bruising / discoloration?

It wouldn’t be “normal” at all if you are developing another one now on the other side of your glans. It must be that something you’re doing is causing this, no?



Dude, I’ve laid off PE for close to two months now. I took West’s advice by stopping for a month- when I resumed, following all the normal procedures (warming up, etc.), I noticed the spot become slightly blackened, whilst the opposite side of my glans began to show some strange discoloration. The ‘spots’ did not swell up, and returned to its ‘normal’ complexion soon after the PE session. Needless to say, I have not PE’d since that date, so it can’t be something I’m doing, or not doing.

I wonder, avocet, if these are symptoms/injuries/lesions completely unrelated to PE? What if it represents something of an STD?! I always practice safe sex, and am extremely careful around women (mostly whores).

Furthermore, could taking Paxil have anything to do with this? It is widely documented that Paxil has pretty severe effects on bloodflow to the penis.

Thanks for your help, avocet.

It isn’t the Paxil. All Paxil sometimes does down there is reduce libido and erection frequency. Doesn’t cause blood blisters or impede their healing.

My point to you is that any injury/wound that does not heal fairly quickly on the penis, which does get plenty of blood to help its healing is a suspect one. Various penile surgical proceedures heal remarkably quickly.

Something is going on that is keeping this one going. You are aggravating it somehow, your normal erections are, or you’ve got something unusual that could benefit from medical attention.



Okay, sounds like a visit to the doctor is in order. Do you think regular smoking (cigarettes and marijuana) could be the cause of this thing not healing?

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