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Blood Blister


yep, i’m another with one of these blood blisters…i’ve just started out PEing, so i guess i kinda went too hard to start with…and i was only 3 minutes into basic jeqing damn it! ;(

i’ve just found that a warm bath really dulls the coloring of the blister…

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From Pontiac, MI myself.

You’ve been around, bro!

Every where from my corner of the map to MI.

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Anyone figure out how to fix 1 of these? I have one near my scarline, I’m not really sure how it came about but whenever I feel as though it’s healed up I break it again during PE and sometimes get a bit of blood..

It’s a red bump filled with blood, 1/16 squre inch

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Hey, I have the same bruise/blister, on the underside of my penis. I thought it went away after a week off, but it seemed to come back again when I started PE again. Anyway, it’s still there, but it’s not getting any worse. However, the bruise isn’t really going away, and I’m wondering if there’s any serious threat here. I mean, as long as it’s not worsening, it couldn’t be that serious, right?

I’d really appreciate it if some experts here could chime in. It seems like there are a lot of us here looking for answers. Thanks.

I too have gotten a couple of these, although mine were from clamping a bit too long. Has anyone found a way to cure these bumps? I’ve had mine about a month and a half and they haven’t gone away. Feel free to PM me if you have any solutions.

It looks like I’m dealing with something similar to what’s described in this thread.

About six weeks ago I burst a capillary or something while jelqing. I was jelqing very lightly, just getting warmed up in fact, when about five minutes in I felt a strange bump on my shaft. I stopped and looked and there was a dark purple (almost black) bump about 1/4” in diameter on my lower mid shaft. It was tender to the touch and looked very similar to a blood blister. It was right at the intersection of two superficial veins (blood vessels?) So of course I immediately checked out the injuries and treatments forum and learned that this is not unheard of, and not the end of the world. I massaged with arnica and vitamin E oil every day and the bruise was gone within a week. Since then I have been taking it very easy—only the occasional light jelq/stretch session—no pumping or clamping.

So tonight I did some light jelqing, and again, after about five minutes I noticed the same bruise had reappeared in exactly the same place (I’ve gotten in the habit of checking my unit every few strokes.) This is basically a cross between a bruise and a blood blister. It will clear up with a few days to a week. What concerns me is having a recurrence every time I try to do even moderate amounts PE. It would appear I’ve got some weakened veins or capillaries that need tending. I’m going to take a break for at least two months now. I will continue to massage with arnica and vitamin E oil.

If anyone has any more ideas about strengthening veins/blood vessels/capillaries, I’m all ears.

Watch out. It’s very dangerous for you to even go back into it too soon. Especially if you get bruising. It could possibly be serious. Or maybe everyone gets bruises because it’s enlarging? But I’m pretty sure that isn’t supposed to happen.

Thanks, stg. I’m definitely taking a break, and no, it’s not supposed to happen. I probably weakened some capillaries from overzealous clamping. But I don’t think it is very serious. I’m more worried about possible permanent discoloration if I were to continue before the vessels were completely healed.

I just got a blood blister below my glans just next to the frenulum. Uh! What a pain in the arse. I was hanging using vacuum, apparently the pressure on that area became too great, the weight certainly wasn’t beyond my capabilities. Will have to be more careful in the future how I set up the vaccum cup.


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