Blocked lymph vessels

Need advice for my persistent sclerosing lymphangitis. I had this cord like structure just below my glans for the past 3 to 4 years. First developed when I tried clamped jelqing with high intensity resulting in sudden onset of pain and popping sensation. Since the, , noticed this pearl like nodules underneath my glans. Tried stopping from PE activities for the longest stretch of 6 months. It recurred immediately even upon light masturbation.

My concern now, it starts to worsen whenever I attempted to retract my foreskin (auto-circumcision) for hygiene purpose. I’m unable to retract my foreskin for more than few hours without causing the cord and nodules on it to re-appear, then causing foreskin to be severely swollen up. I’m afraid this might cause phimosis.

Waited for a long time before posting this. Is there any other non-surgical intervention for my problem than just laying off from PE and foreskin retraction?