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blisters on head of dick

blisters on head of dick

I’m not sure this is an injury so I am going to post it here, if someone sees this as an injury please move it.

Anyway I just took a week off from PE to heal and since i started the break I have been drinking a lot of water. Generally 112-160 ounces in a day. Well first off I will start with what I am doing. I am using a VACADS mostly for manual stretching but also as an ADS once in awhile.

I wore it for bout 2 hours today as an ADS and when I took it off I noticed a blister on the head of my dick. At first I didn’t think nothing of it, figured I had just pulled too hard n pulled some the skin through the breather hole. Upon further look i noticed it was a blister and it popped easy n was just water in it. Now after about 10 hours I did my manual stretches with it and again when i took it off I noticed a blister again, and it popped like nothing like the first one did earlier today. I feel no pain with the blisters so I don’t think its anything to worry bout.

The conclusion I am coming to is that by drinking all that water in one day I am over hydrating my body and with the breather hole on the VACADS its pulling my skin up into the hole which than traps the water underneath it into a little ball that looks like a blister.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Read the thread random giant mentioned. I started it a few weeks ago after getting a pretty big blister on the left side of my glans.

How big is this blister?

They don’t hurt until the blister skin comes off, exposing the dermis. Which can hurt like hell if anything touches it.
You may think you can carry on. Maybe these blisters are small enough not to notice. But I’d be careful because you don’t know how bad the injury will be until the skin comes off. Otherwise it makes no difference to your dick other than an unsightly bit of skin.

The water blisters were slightly bigger than the hole on the end piece. I had a little skin come off when I popped one and when I ran my finger over it I didn’t feel any pain so it must not have been big enough of a tear off.

Thanks guys I knew i couldn’t be the only one. I really am glad I found this site, it has helped with all my questions and helped a BIG deal on my education of the human body in general.

My first thought when I had got one was to pop it n start again the next day because there was and still is no pain on mine. I think I will try again later today but if there is a slight pain I am going to stop and let it fully heal and than start back again with light stretching. (one set of 10 minutes instead of the three sets of 10 minutes).

You should wait until they are completely healed before you start up with the VACADS again.


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