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Hi: I have been jelqing on and off, this time I have notice a blister on the extra skin I have since I’m cut it’s on the opposite side of my circumcision scar, I was just wondering whether it is possible to have one on that area which is not on the shaft nor the head?

Because I have suspected that I have a jock itch, itching and redness with a peeling of the skin on my scrotum. I hope it’s not herpes

Originally Posted by l7vincent3l

I hope it’s not herpes

Me too. Assuming that you can afford a doctor or have access to a free clinic get that checked as soon as possible!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I realize this is an old post, but I have a small blister-looking thing right on the under side of my cock just beneath the circumcision scar.

It’s not raised. It’s very small, red and sort of iridescent. I have one on the other side of my shaft too which is already almost healed.

I’m hoping this is just from excessive jerking off… as I have been clamping a lot lately…and well… i’m basically stroking my dick all day long.. So logic would dictate that this could be from that.

Any thoughts?

Slightly nervous here and I don’t want to goto a doc everytime I notice a thing with my dick.. jesus, we PE here.. I’d be in the doctor’s office once a week if that were the case.

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