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Blister Or something else

Blister Or something else

Hey guys. I’ve been away from PE for a little while because of a damaged pump and other circumstances. The other day I decided to start back on my old routine of Stretching and Jelquing. Oddly enough, I’ve come up with a little injury I’ve never seen before. I’m used to the pinprick spots and the bruising - I know they are no big deal. However, this time I have NONE of those at all (maybe I finally conditioned my dick?), but there are four, rather large (size of a pimple in diameter or so), spots on the underside of my dick, midshaft. They are slightly raised and slightly red, but not really painful - maybe a little sore. Are these some sort of blisters, and if so I wonder why I’d be getting them as In my rought 8 months of PE experience I’ve never seen anything like it.

The only things I think I changed as far as my supplimentation goes is the addition of Mauira Puma (sp?), Maca, and Damiana to my previous PE supplimention of Pygeum and L-Arginine. I’ve been taking the damiana for a little while, so I don’t think it’s that, but the other two are suspect.

Check out this injury post from dangleman due to clamping, the injury sounds exactly like yours, raised bumps on his shaft. He even has pictures of the injury. Hope this helps…

Dangle Man’s Clamping Injury Post:
Rash, tons of tiny red bumps from clamping!

Thanks love machine - mine don’t look anything like that, really. They are quite a bit larger and in addition, they seem to itch. After not PEing for a day or two, they were very close to going away but after last night’s session they’re back with a vengence. It seemed like stroking/masturbating yesturday before the jelq session didn’t irritate them too much, but if I do so this morning it’s rather itchy. I’m starting to get a little worried :(

That sucks man, you should get better soon if you leave your dick alone for a few days (maybe jelq a little for penile heath). I know how hard it is once you get into PE but sometimes you just need to rest to heal a injury for a day or two. That’s better then getting injured more and having to wait a long time to heal…

Yeah, you’re probably right. I talked to a doctor friend of mine on the phone - he thinks it may be the result of heat and moistue, kinda like jock itch. If that’s the case I just put some cream on it and it should go away. At worst, he thinks it could be fungal, but that’s the worse case. I’m gonna have him take a look at it later.

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