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Blister on Glans Treatment

Blister on Glans Treatment

Hi guys,

If you find yourself in the situation that I recently did of having used too high a vacuum pressure while pumping, resulting in a blister on your glans, here’s a little treatment that I did that worked well and fast:

-using sterilized needle, pop it.
-apply Neosporin or similar to the blister.
-cut a hole in the reservoir tip of a condom…allows one to urinate through the condom. You could also use a male external catheter.
-roll condom over glans only, placing the ring of unutilized condom behind your coronal ridge. I’m circumcised, don’t know if uncircumcised guys will find this doable or not.

That’s it. I found that the blistered skin quickly re-attached to the sub-dermal layer that it had lifted off from…was completely healed in 1 week. I remember it taking 2 weeks for glans blisters to heal using other methods.

Hope that other pumping dummies find this useful…but, really just don’t be a pumping dummy :)


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Wish i read this a week ago. about 3 days ago. I too stumbled on the condom trick, and it’s working wonders ( in my case, the patch of skin where the blister was came off before I thought of the blister, so the condom/neosporin isn’t only healing the raw sore, but protecting it from rubbing against clothes/bedsheets.

I tried something similar to xenolith’s idea. I put a dab of neosporin on a small bandaid, and put that on the blister. Like his experience, it seems to heal faster that way. I am wondering: does anyone else have ideas on how to help a glans blister heal more quickly? The most common advice out there is to lay off PE until it heals completely. Any ideas on helping it heal faster, or protecting the damaged area, or modifying your routine?

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