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Blister like bump on the head

Blister like bump on the head

After a hanging session with a vacuum hanger thingy I noticed a blister-like bump on the head of my penis. Is this a potentially normal injury to get? I’ve tried ice but it hasn’t gone down. I don’t have permissions to post on the injury forum so hopefully someone here will help.

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Not sure this is a “normal” injury.

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Vacuum things can certainly cause something like that. I have no experience with vacuum hangers, but would suspect that their suction forces are concentrated in a smaller area than vacuum pumping cylinders. It will eventually go away. It may rupture on its own and might be more painful then. Try to keep it dry and covered with a non-adherent dressing (e.g. Telfa) until it heals. I’d leave off the vacuum device until it is well healed or you may experience a repeat injury.

I get quite a few of those water blisters using the Vac Extender, and it is from several things like too much tension, fluid on the glans, and possibly a thin skin glans (uncircumcised). Quit all PE and heavy masturbation except light jelqing for 2 weeks, and it will heal up. When the blisters break in about a week, apply antibiotic to the new skin to prevent infection.

I got the same two days ago, I was using vacextender after 3 months off , and after three hours I decided to take it off, and I saw two orrible blisters exactly like that, I’ve used it for months and I had never seen nothing like this so I get scared of having got something like herpes genitalis, but now I’ve seen that the blisters are decreasing very fastly and I hope to get back to my routine as soon as possible.

Totally normal for any kind of vacuum, whether pumping or hanging with silicone sleeve. I only know of one way to stop them and that’s to tape the head tight while un-erect so the head can’t swell up and hold water. I tried using those rubber thumb tips for counting money, but I could not get it on my head for the life of me… I’m still looking for a silicone or rubber option to tape as tape hurts like hell when you take it off your head (even with water and all the other steps others talk about)… I may try a small , very small water balloon, but if it expands too much, it won’t help. I needs to stop the expansion.

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