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Blister filled with blood

Blister filled with blood

I have an injury that’s actually scared me. I’ve had a couple of blisters before from using no wrap but they have been small and filled with fluid, this looks like blood. I wrapped properly today as normal and felt no pain or discomfort and when I finished I took off the wrap and nearly shit, see below photo. My wrap was on fine when it came to taking it off so I don’t know whats happened. Only thing I can think of I’ve been hanging allot more lately? I think I might try a manual routine for a while :)

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Wow that’s nasty!! I’m sure it’s not serious but pretty it ain’t. Are you going to pop it and drain it?

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I’m waiting for my now ex to come home from work, she’s going to pop it. I don’t fancy getting wood through the night and it exploding :)

That looks bad, but it’s probably nothing too serious since it’s external. But I’m no doctor.

I’m curious what exercise caused it?

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Wow that is unexpected.

I suggest keep an eye on it.

Did you get it popped?

And if so how?

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It was caused by vac hanging. I popped it and it bled like fuck, I can’t tell at the moment but I think it’s a small hole that the bloods come from. It’s surprisingly soar.

Ouch! Nasty one!
Lay off all PE while it heals. I had a series of water blisters like that on the glans which burst - left it for one week until they healed and then resumed but found that wasn’t long enough. Mine took 2 weeks to heal to a state where lighter PE could be resumed. Normal sex could be resumed after a few days but remember to keep the area scrupulously clean to minimise the risk of infection. Until it heals fully and matures, the scar tissue will be much softer and prone to more damage if you put too much stress it, so take it easy.
Take a break - it won’t take too long, but do be diligent in keeping it clean.

lil1 :lep:

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Well because I’ve just had a break up, over the next 2-3 weeks ill be moving and getting stuff in order so it’s a good time for a break anyway. Woke up this morning and I have a soggy scab on my head, not to nice looking.

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