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Bleeding - probably nothing

Bleeding - probably nothing

Okay, so last Monday I stretched in the shower and did a few quick jelqs. I didn’t have time to warm up properly, but then again I also didn’t do but maybe 15-20 jelqs. After showering, I attached the Captain’s Wench, and wore that for a few hours (the Captain’s Wench is an all day hanger:The Captn’s Wench: PE Device) . At one point, I left it on while I went to the bathroom to urinate. I noticed that with the Wench on, when I urinated it stung like hell, but didn’t think much of it. Later on, though - like a few hours later - when I went to take the Wench off, a few drops of blood came out of my urethra.

I know that I wasn’t properly warmed up - big mistake - and should not have jelqed. The tension on the Captain’s Wench was very light, so I don’t think that had anything to do with it.

I haven’t done any PE since then, and have not had any stinging when I urinate since then either. I’ve also been able to get an erection as usual, and sex/orgasm did not feel at all uncomfortable.

So, I figure that I had a slight tear which has probably healed up by now. The fact that there’s no pain, function is normal, and there hasn’t been any blood since then leads me to believe that it’s probably no big deal, right?

I have had my prostate checked recently, and show no other signs of disease.

I think I learned a valuable lesson. Warm up or risk injury. Duh.

I plan on going back to my vac ADS this week, rather than using the Captain’s Wench.


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I still don’t know that much about PE, but I think the general consensus would be that ANY blood from your penis is something you should look at seriously. As long as your sure you’ve had enough time to recover, and you start again slow you should be fine.

You have to make the call. I still consider myself a newbie!

Probably the presssure of urine cause a small vessel to burst. You should not urinate with something restricting your penis.

Certaily lay off PE for a week at least and if there is any more blood after a day or so, see a doctor.

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