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Bleeding From My Penis.

Bleeding From My Penis.

Hey guys. I’ve been experimenting with penis enlargement on and off for a couple of years now.

In the last year I’ve noticed these blood-blister-scab-like things on the bottom of my penis head. They’re almost like a mole.
I’ve pulled the scab-like red piece off multiple times and it just bleeds and bleeds until the blood hardens over.
I’ve left my dick alone for months until I forgot they were even there, but they never completely heal and disappear.

Kind of worried these mole-like things could be cancerous.

Has anyone else encountered something like this? I’m feeling very alone with this issue, as it’s quite strange.

They do not look like any usual PE related ‘injury’.

If they are continuing when you are not doing PE, you absolutely must go and see a doctor. Do not take risks with your penis.

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Def see a dr, could it be herpes?


Maybe an STD? Most skin related injuries via PE tend to be more like abrasions, burst vessels, or skin discoloration. Those look like small sores or lesions that are not healing.

Run, don’t walk to a doctor asap.

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Got a similar blood dot after PE

Did you figure out what it was?

I just managed to get some bruises on the shaft and one blood dot similar to yours on the head of the penis after clamping too hard.

Yours sounds like a blood spot, Bobby. Ease up the clamp, you can damage some nerves if you go ahead. Less force, more sets.

Hold on: why are you clamping for first. You are a newbie.

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