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black veins?? help needed!!

black veins?? help needed!!

hi guys i just been jelquing for the third week now and last night after jelquing i got some black veins just before the glans , what is this and is there any problem? by the way i don’t feel any kind of pain or discomfort , they just show up more , thanks , any response is appreciated

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Jelqing generaly increases the visibility of the veins.

But what do you mean black? The veins will be quite dark in color, its just deoxygenated blood.

If you press lightly above a vein with one thumb and then press with the other thumb and move towards the base of your penis or larger vein junction (whilst pressing) does the color completely disappear? If so its simply blood in the vein causing the color and its more prominent as a normal effect of jelqing and probably more deoxygenated because there is natural repair work going on.

Any changes in the veins are just gonna be very noticable because they are so close to the skin.

Does that help or am I on completely the wrong track?


it didnt work but i didnt really understand what you meant .. what i have is some small , think veins showing up more.. theyre dark , i have no pain or any kind of discomfort , i think i jelqued too much last night .


With jelqing and other forms of PE that forces blood into the penis, you can expect the effect of ballooning the veins. Its a necessary growth to allow more oxygen and blood to flow and will aid in your gains.

Veins near the surface has a dark color to them, and if you have no abnormalities, pain, bleeding, etc… you will be fine. When I PE I listen to the feel and the looks of henry as they will be your singling to overdoing it.

You are wise to notice this, but don’t let it alarm you as it is a needed growth factor. As you progress, them veins will become more pronounced!


Modemmer is right.

Sorry for bad explanation. I was just suggesting that you try evacuating blood from the vein to see if there was any underlying discoloration. You probably did a similar thing in biology classes as a kid when covering circulatory system (and valves in vessels).

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