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Big long vein

Big long vein

I have a vein on the right side of my penis that when flaccid is a rather unoticeable bump.
When erect it is a thick vein that starts at the base on and extends on the right hand side and about just past halfway it curls under and disapears.

It doesn’t really hurt but I can sense it is there especially when the erection subsides. I don’t want to make it any worse than it is and I am worried that PE may increase the chances of that.

Should I see a eurologist or what?
I am in desperate need of some PE folk assistance.


OK so its a urologist. I didn’t mean that typo to upset any Europeans. Ha.
Anyway how bout it guys? Some response would be grateful.

k man.

Beats me. I’d probably be concerned if I was feeling discomfort. Perhaps bumping this up to the top will get someone who actually knows something to provide useful information …

Thanks Johanson for your reply.

I will endeavor to learn how to bump the post when I have time.

I am getting and uncomfortable feeling where the vein is but I think its just worry accentuating it.

I just don’t want a big vein with a dick hanging off it.

Do not worry about the vein all that much. I have several veins that protrude when erect as well. Some of which became more obvious with various PE exercises. In most cases as tissue expands the veins directly underneath the skin start to show up

I have the exact kind of vein, the kind that juts out. And like yours mine juts out, but then about 1/3 down my penis it kind of burrows under and is no longer visible.

Press on the vein firmly, and see if it makes a difference in the quality of your erection. If it does not, the vein is occluding as it should be and there is nothing to worry about. (As long as you are POSITIVE it is not painful) If pressing the vein does make a noticable difference to your erection you may have a problem.

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