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Big Bruise

Big Bruise

I was doing some BTC stretches last night and suddenly there was a snap in my dick, something like a string breaking. There was immediate swelling on the right side about 1/3 of the way out from the base. The swelling was like the times I’ve sprained my ankle where it’s localized and very pronounced. It was very sore, and hurt if I tried any more BTC stretches. SO stretches don’t hurt at all.

This morning, I took a look and the whole right side of my dick is black and blue. The swelling has spread out over the black and blue area and it’s a little tender. I’m afraid I’ve torn a suspensatory ligament. This is a real bummer because things have been going so well.

Does anyone know what this might be and what it means?

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It’s definitely the ligs if SO doesn’t hurt. I don’t know what the different degrees of injury there are, but you only say it is a little tender. I would leave it a week and see if it heals, and re-evaluate then, but if you are worried you should see your doc.


Did you remember to warm-up?

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Warming up is something I should do more. Last night I eased into the stretches and was about 10 minutes into it, applying more and more tension for each stretch and the last one was just too much. I’m wondering if I tore one of the ligs clean off. It certainly feels like there’s something bunched up in a knot just under the skin, up towards the base.

The optimistic part of me thought about the surgery some guys do to get more length where some of the ligs are severed. I’m hoping that this lig isn’t important and I can continue stretching after the swelling goes down.

I once knew a guy who had severed a ligament in his bicept and the doctor told him it was not worth repairing and to just go on with his regular physical routines. Hopefully this same approach applies to my dick.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

Ligs probably wouldn’t bleed. Perhaps you’ve torn a vein. Unusual, but not impossible with the contortions some of us put our dicks through.

Whoa man, really sorry to hear that. I agree that warming up is a good idea. I would also recommend letting it heal for a week. Soak it in warm water and message it gently. If there has been no progress made in a week or so I would go see a doctor. Don’t be nervous or shy about going to the Doc… as a MD I can tell you that it takes a lot more than that to surprise a trained physician.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep an eye on it for a week and see if things get back to normal. Right now, it looks pretty bad in technicolor.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Hell, I’ve already torn my penis off a few times, but duct tape works well.

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