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Thanks for the info and with this available iodine solutions any different to betadine? Do we have to mix it with dmso?

Because betadine can be used as it comes.


my wife had a surgery on Bartholin cyst few years ago. Ever since she has formed a scar tissue on site which makes it very painful to stetch when I enter her. Will iodine help to dissolve thst scar tissue? And how do we use it? Is it safe to use it indide vagina?
If anyone knows plese help

Originally Posted by Surferdude1234
My erections are better. I use the betadine scrub and it does soften the tissue.

I believe it’s dissolving potential scar tissue

Do you believe the tissues become more elastic and it stretches out further?

Originally Posted by Behemoth
I can’t guarantee that this will restore feeling or improve erections but it has helped others. This is a long term solution, although some have had success with it very quickly, remember that you are not just dissolving scar tissue but removing the blocking of nerve regeneration and blood flow, and these processes take time.

As long as the individual collagen fibres that make up the tunica, are aligned in parallel fashion to each other in the individual layers, the tissue is stretchy and elastic, until it meets its limits.

When tunica is stretched beyond its normal limits, it begins to rupture or tear. These tears are so small, microscopic in fact, that they won’t show up on an x-ray or an MRI, tunica cannot be imaged with even the most advanced imaging. If something causes tunica to exceed its normal tensile capacity, there will be micro-tearing of individual collagen fibres. This in turn leads to scarring and adhesions. Tunica micro tears can be caused by repetitive trauma, excessive force, or not warming up. Most often people end up with tunica scarring and adhesions and have no idea that they have a problem.

A fibroblast is a type of cell that makes collagen, this is the structural framework for soft tissues, and plays a critical role in wound healing.

Whenever the tunica is injured, fibroblasts bind the area and create collagen, fibroblasts form in between adjacent edges of a tear in the tunica to bind it together so that the tunica can heal. These fibroblasts are like an internal framework acting like a matrix. At a certain point of healing, the fibroblasts express contractile proteins, they then stick themselves more firmly to the matrix and start to contract, pulling the wound tightly together, that in turn stimulates other fibroblasts to become contractile and do the same. Although this process will heal a wound quickly, if left unchecked, it can also lead to a build-up of fibrous tissue. Overzealous fibroblasts can continue to build fibrous strands, leading to scar tissue build up that can impair the tunica’s function.

Unfortunately, fibroblasts do not automatically go away or die after the area has healed, they should turn into collagen, but often they don’t, and they tend to accumulate over time. This means that over time, the elastic tunica gets increasingly tougher and less stretchy (have you ever heard of being conditioned?).

Once tunica is injured and scarred, the microscopic collagen fibres also become disrupted and tangled. Instead of fibres running parallel to each other in an organized fashion the fibres now run all directions along with the excessive scar tissue and have less elasticity and flexibility, Instead, they are more like a tangled piece of string pulling against themselves. Unfortunately, injured tunica frequently heals in this tangled, twisted up scared manner. Microscopic scarring is dense, inelastic, random, and unorganised, scar tissue is not an ideal state for the tunica.

Scars are still living tissue with a blood supply, but they are at the end of the blood supply system, mainly because the blood supply network can’t run through the scar a bit like a dead end road. Scar tissue can stop nerve regeneration it can stop effective circulation and it can maintain inflammation.

Most importantly tears and inflammation that cause excessive formation of microscopic scarring in the tunica, will develop into a mass that can run through the tunica. This mass may interfere with the nerve impulse or neural drive that occurs between the tunica tissue and the internal structure and the feedback system causing erectile problems, loss of feeling, and loss of response to stimuli.

We really want to limit scar tissue from forming and building up, we also want to dissolve the scar tissue that is not needed in the healed tissue.

Also keep in mind what is true about tunica is true about the other connective tissues, as well as the smooth muscle bellow the tunica. Yes, ligaments and smooth muscle are injured and respond to injury in an almost identical manner as the tunica.

Now I’m sure the question on every ones lips is what do we do about it?


Povidone-iodine is an iodine solution that breaks down scar tissue, it actually kills fibroblasts, if iodine is applied to a wound that has healed it will inhibit scar tissue from forming by killing off the fibroblasts that are remaining and still making excessive collagen, in fact if it is applied continually to an unhealed wound it will stop the wound from healing because it will kill the fibroblasts before they can pull the wound tight.

The effect iodine has on fibroblasts can be used to our advantage with tunica and Ligaments which are close to the surface of the skin and not covered by excessive body fat.

Human skin readily absorbs Povidone-iodine, which is at 7%-10% iodine concentration, but by the time it reaches structures further in like the tunica or ligaments, it is likely to be much more diluted. This is o.k. as it only needs to be in the range of 0.1% to 1% iodine to totally inhibit fibroblast growth.

Now it may sound scary that you are killing off cells, and it may sound like the tears in the tunica won’t heal but this is not the case. What we are doing is killing of the fibroblasts that have become overzealous the ones that have stuck around too long. Yes we will also kill off the new fibroblasts that come in to heal any micro tears but fear not, these will soon be replaced and the micro tears will be healed in a timely manner. If we were to ‘continually’ apply the iodine micro tears would not heal, but because the living system is removing the iodine there is plenty of chance for new fibroblasts to do their job.

Povidone-iodine is also known as Betadine Surgical Scrub, it is mixed with a little detergent in this form which acts as a surfactant so that it coats the skin easily. It is best applied to clean hydrated skin. So what you do is have a. shower and then turn off the water towel yourself semi dry and apply the Betadine and lather it on the skin. Allow the solution to dry on the skin, you will notice that the yellow colour disappears for the most part, leave it for around five minutes then simply rinse off.

And Lastly the Very Important Part!

It is Ideal to start this on a two week break from PE and remember when using this that you are making the tunica more flexible again by removing those micro scars, basically you are making yourself unconditioned so you will want to perhaps return to the newbie routine in order to not injure yourself with advanced exercises.

So a cock whch has lost elasticity and cant get into that magic jelly state can regain elasticity required for tunica growth?

Sounds too good to be true, would like to hear more real world success stories.

Some lost feelings may also be restored?

Where do we purchase from and how to treat the cock?


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