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Banding My Penis

You should snap a picture to show the world what can go wrong when you go too far. This is tragic

I will attempt, hopefully people will take this a a costly lesson of not getting info before attempting.

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Here is a couple more

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Same advice as everyone else…GO to the emergency !! What the hell are you waiting for ? it fall off ???

Hope your trolling as well.

Good luck to you.

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Fac E Spera

I don’t doubt the validity of this any longer, that is extremely grey… Brother you need to go to the emergency room. Necrotic tissue can cause systemic infection if not treated. Go now!!

My Progress Log With Pictures!

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Update I just got home from seeing a doctor and I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. I am in fact going to lose my whole penis. Doctor was I’m sorry there is not enough live tissue left after they cut what they need. I have a choice after I heal to have another operation to get rid of the bag I’ll have strapped to my leg. I guess they can reroute my urether under my scrotum so I won’t have to deal with a bag.

I’m sorry for the prognosis. Did the doctor discuss the possibility of a transplant?

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Yes he did, he was gonna see if there was any available. My request was nothing smaller than what I have currently, even though it’s dying almost dead. He did like my humur.

Please keep us updated , your health is our concern. I can’t even imagine what’s going through your head. I guess it’s good that you can find some humor in the transplant. I didn’t even know that was possible.

I didn’t either, what can I do I was the one who didn’t find out before I did it. It is kinda like right now if I don’t look down or feel for it, I’m not sure it’s there it’s that numb it doesn’t feel like it’s there at all until it touches my leg and I feel the coldness.

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I don’t think I can express how sorry I feel for you, hope your surgery goes well. Keep us updated.

Start : BPEL 6.1 MSEG 4.6

Now : BPEL 7.8 MSEG 5.4

Fac E Spera

Looks like it was a decent average piece too…

Im not much for saying anything religious but, in all honesty you are in my prayers.

Thank you all. I really appreciate it. I can’t believe how fast my penis is changing or should I say deteriorating/dying. The first pics was three days ago, and the current ones are today, hence the shaved look. A first for me what a way to have to be manscaped.

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The last of pics, I hope this opens eyes of some. I know it has for me. I hope I possibility can save someone else from having to go thru this.

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Feeling a little sad to be honest. Hoping that everything go well with you.

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