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Balls in pain

Balls in pain

Hi I have been PEing for a while and always stopped cause my turkey neck was to loose or something like that after jelquing for about a month. But right now my balls have started to hurt quite a bit for a lot of the day and when i feel around them its like my veins are swollen. what can i do? Or what might it be, I have been doing manual stretches and about 600 jelqs per session. Any suggestions or feedback would be incredibly appreciated.

How old are you? Do you notice any lumps on the actual testicle? Any aches in the lower stomach?

stevie thanks for answering me. no nothing on the testicle just like the veins that are attached to it swell up very much and they fill my whole testicle sack on both sides. I went to the doctor she just felt them and told me not to worry about it, but they where not swollen when she checked them. I think she said that cause i don’t have health insurance. I dont know what should I do? My balls seem to be fine and they started hurting just after I started PE again. What do you think I should do. stop PE, go to another Doctor?

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