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Anyone know of a surgeon who would do surgery for ED problems


Anyone know of a surgeon who would do surgery for ED problems

I wrote my story here already. If you haven’t you can click on my username and see the thread I created with penis injury. My penis got injured 5 years ago when I jelqed/masturbated too hard and pulled it the wrong way. I had tests the last few months and it shows that my problem with my penis are physical and not psychological. My urologist does not know what the actual physical cause is for my penis. He says my only solutions are Viagra, Cialis or injections. I asked many people only about my problem and though they are not doctors, they say I have a blood flow problem. I have this problem where I cannot get or maintain an erection unless I am sitting down with my legs squeezing towards my penis in order to get and maintain an erection. I also have venous leak as well on my left side. I read online that if you’re young you can be a possible candidate for those vascular surgery. I’m 23 by the way.

Does anyone know of any doctor/surgeon who would be able to examine you and do test and then allow you for surgery? I live in NYC and all these urologists I see don’t want to do anything but just tell you to take the pill. I know I did great damage to my penis because immediately after that day back in February 2005, I completely lost my erection and COULD NOT get erect for 6-7 months. Does anyone know the name of any doctor that be able to help me? Most urologists I feel just don’t want to do anything but give you the pill and say your fine. Been looking for help for all this time and never got any help. I been very depressed because of this. Thanks.

I heard this surgery is called vascular reconstructive surgery.

Well that sucks.

I wish you the best in your quest for healing. I have no helpful knowledge to share. Hopefully others do.

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Anyone else?

Good luck with finding a urologist. I think they are unwilling / unable to help because it is very complicated and there has not been many operations in this are. It is a rare condition. Good luck, I wish you well. Its a difficult situation.

Always be cool.

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Thank you dieselpower. Anyone else can help please help me.

I think your urologist should know surgeons that do this kind of surgeries. If I’ve got this right, your Doc doesn’t believe you do need a surgery?

If the ED drugs work for you I would definitely not go under the knife at such a young age. I also seriously doubt Natural PE caused this injury, however I guess the point is moot. Not what you want to hear, I’m sure, but this is my take on it. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide.

Please keep us posted.

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Originally Posted by westell1

I heard this surgery is called vascular reconstructive surgery.

I just found your thread and it seems that someone at pegym had a similar injury and found a doctor

that agreed to help. I believe he was a vascular surgeon. Have you posted there?

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Can you post me the link? Can you tell me the doctor?

Damn dude I was really hoping you was better by now! How exactly did this happen, when your dad walked in you freaked and bent your cock a really wrong way? I will try to do some research on good doctors for you.

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He didn’t walk in. I mean my bedroom is near our apartment door. I thought after he came into our apartment door, he was going to come into my door so I freaked out a bit. I pulled it the wrong way I would have to say. I noticed right after that happened, I felt something in my penis was wrong. It definitely deflated after that.

Hey bluray, when did you hear my story. Thank you for helping me look for doctors. I am doing so myself but it’s so hard even though I live in NYC.

There are a number of “doctor finder” services on the net. Many are free. Like this one.

It is true, as in the case of venous leakage, that doctors are very reluctant to go the surgical route on older guys who are, say, over 40. The reason for this is that the correction is not likely to last as long as it might in younger guys. And, no one will perform surgery unless the damage is first confirmed and assessed through diagnostic tests.

Even on young guys, the repair surgery is not always a hundred percent effective. Very experienced surgeons with a lot of these procedures behind them are saying they get about 80 percent success.

You may have to hunt and peck through a list of urologists; do some research to find out which of them have the most experience.



How can damage be confirmed? I done blood test, urine test, ultrasound of my penis, ultrasound of my testicle already. Which test do I have to do to confirm it?

Color Doppler Sonogram will usually do it. If leakage is confirmed, you then may or may not be a candidate for surgical repair of the leaking vein(s).



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