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Afraid I might have hurt myself bad help

Afraid I might have hurt myself bad help

Recently I had been taking Dr.Lin’s supplements for a while and I was very satisfied with my sexual life. Couple of weeks ago I bought nox2 because I started working out again. The very first day that I took nox2 and had sex, I realized that my penis got bigger than usual and I had lost a little sensitivity. At first I thought about stopping the use of nox2 because of the reduced senstivity, but I kept on taking it becasue my girl loved how big my penis got from taking nox2. I always like to block a little blood flow to my penis when getting oral sex because it makes me look a little bigger. After I started nox2 , I realized the head of my penis swell above normal when getting oral sex. Because the head of my penis was getting so big I noticed a little stretch marks on my penis afterwards. Also, I realized that I had started getting these tiny pimple like spots on my penis. One day I wanted to measure how big my girth got when clamped. I normally don’t clamp so I clamped a shoe lace around the base of my penis, making sure it was not too tight; I kept on pleasuring my self. I got to a point of ejaculation, but I did not wanted to ejaculate so I squeezed my pc muscle. I watched my head get really big to a point where all the tiny pimple on my head had space between it. After I ejaculated I realized my penis head had more discoloration than normal and I noticed a tiny blood spot on my glans that looked like it blew out because of the extra pressure inside my penis. For a couple of days I had this burning sensation and a tingly feeling on the head of my penis. I know the tingly feeling is bad. I have stopped taking nox2. Although the tingly sensation is gone the burning sensation is still there. And it hurts from time to time. I have been taking dr.lins arginox and viagrowth. I also applied the vip cream which is suppose to help get rid of the inflammation, I have been taking fish oil since yesterday. Lately I have noticed that my penis is cold and my flaccid has gone down. I am getting a little scared because of the flaccid size, the burning sensation from time to time and my penis being cold which is very unusual for me. What are those tiny pimple like spots on my glans? I have not had sex in couple of day and I am trying to heal up right. Can someone please help me with my recovery? Should I be worried?


Sit back, apply heat and massage. If after 2 weeks we have no change, I think it might be time to re evaluate. You did the right thing asking for help. However you may want to look into the injury forums and try using the search bar (the top right of your screen) to find others with similar issues.

I think given time rest, some heat and some massaging, you’ll come through this.

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Appreciate your help kesman. Can someone please tell me what are those little pimple like things on my glans? Any other suggestions?


I think I have them, do they sort of look like the ones on your tongue?

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I think you need to call Dr. Lin’s personal cell phone for help: 1-800-URS-OFUKD.

That quack has probably cause more harm than good. Do what Kesman says, stop all supplements and drugs, don’t PE, apply warmth. Wait.

And stay away from Dr. Luv Bug. And read this.


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