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A theory on desensitivity.

A theory on desensitivity.

Ok, I admittedly have no scientific evidence I’ve researched to back this up; I’m simply throwing the idea into the air.

Some people on here reported they have lost sensitivity in their unit (due to their PE). I do realize that you can damage nerves if you are not careful, but I think a lot of these desensitized units are the victims of simple conditioning. I know conditioning is a major factor in the ligs and tunica, but I believe the skin itself looses sensitivity in the same way you develop calluses on your hands. I have increased sexual sensitivity sense I’ve been doing PE, but the the skin itself behind my circumcision scar is less sensitive.

A good example would be that the skin sensitivity on my head and and back to the circumcising scar are comparable to the sensitivity on my fore arm. Likewise the sensitivity on the skin behind the circumcision scar is comparable to the skin on my elbow. It’s not nearly as tough as my elbow skin, but I’m making a relative comparison). I can’t actually remember how it was before I PE’d, but I think I was a little more sensitive back in the day.

The point of this post is this: you can damage never obviously, but you can be desensitized without it as well, just from the amount of activity involved.

If you really over do it, you can lose sensitivity in just one session like I did :(

Pussy Pounder

What on earth happened Pussy Pounder?

I jelqed. Didn’t know I was doing it too hard. Found I couldn’t get as horny or hard as before. Then I clamped, a few months later. I was very stupid with it and this almost killed my dick. Then I pumped a few months after that. Didn’t do anything over the top, but it made things worse again.

Pussy Pounder

Gripping too hard during PE. Gripping too hard during masturbation. Also I think not using lube contributes to this problem.

I suggest getting a Fleshlight to help re-sensitize. Probably the wonderwave model would be best as it feels the most subtle and “natural”.

I am not that concerned about the skin itself, but I am very careful about the glans.

I try to minimize contact with my glans during PE, (it helps me not to get an erection to)

I want a sensitive glans, the skin of the shaft, well it is just not that important to me.

And I wet jelq with enough of lube.


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